Youth Deer Gun Season Marks First Use of Rifles in Ohio

The early youth deer gun season was less than thirty-minutes old when five-year old Braxton Taylor made Ohio history. Young Taylor was hunting on a family farm in Union County with his step-father Isaac Heyne when he harvested a doe. It was among the early deer taken with one of the new straight-walled cartridge (SWC) rifles. Taylor also has taken two deer with his crossbow this season. The...

Woman robbed at knife point at Kroger store; Moms (Don't) Demand Action

Dayton, Ohio's NBC affiliate, WDTN, is reporting that a Dayton woman was robbed at knifepoint while returning a DVD outside a local Kroger - an incident that is sure to draw national attention due to claims by Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America that there is never a need to carry a firearm for self-defense in or near a grocery store. From the article : A Dayton woman...

Do you still believe in privacy?

What kind of government spies on its own people? Demanding your privacy doesn't mean you're hiding something, it means you believe in something. The right to a private life is one of freedom's greatest blessings. That's what the Good Guys believe. >>> CLICK HERE to join the NRA or renew your membership now . If you know some good guys and gals, get them a gift membership.

Cleveland police shoot boy holding airsoft gun with orange tip removed; Democrat State Rep.'s knee-jerk reaction? California-style gun control bill

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that a 12 year-old boy was shot by police Saturday afternoon after officers say he reached for a gun after he was ordered to put up his hands. Police say the gun that was recovered was not a firearm, but that an orange safety tip had been removed. The media, and anti-gun politicians have been quick to draw parallels to the shooting of a man in a Beavercreek...

Op-Ed: California: One Step Closer to Shall Issue!

Federal Appeals Court Denies California Attorney General’s Bid to Overturn NRA Supported Legal Victory in Right to Carry Case A monumental February 14, 2014 ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the NRA sponsored case of Peruta v. San Diego County found that the San Diego County Sheriff’s policy of refusing to issue licenses to carry firearms in public unless an applicant could...

More Guns for Gabby, While Vets Lose Theirs

We all know that Gabby Giffords was injured in a murderous attack by a deranged Democrat activist. We know that she suffered serious brain trauma and needed more than a year to regain even partial mobility and speech. We also know that she has staged a remarkable recovery becoming the figurehead of a gun control operation started by her husband, Mark Kelly. Rep. Giffords and Capt. Kelly often...

Associated Press misrepresents Akron police chief, claiming he blames concealed carry laws for officer's death

Northeast Ohio media are reporting that 32 year-old off-duty police officer Justin Winebrenner was shot and killed while trying to diffuse an unruly customer at a bar early Sunday, November 16, and the Associated Press appears to be hoping that they can convince readers that concealed carry laws are to blame. According to WJW (Fox Cleveland), authorities arrested Kenan Ivery, 35, in the shooting...

Senators hear from opponents in latest round of hearings on pro-gun rights bills

The Senate Civil Justice committee met on Wednesday, November 19 to consider multiple firearms-related bills. HB 234 (Allow Noise Suppressors While Hunting) drew opposition testimony from Katriel Israel (written only). Ms. Israel asserted that suppressors are only for police and military, cause an increase risk of accidental shootings, and put hunters at risk. She offered no studies or even...


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