Ohio's most authoritative gun law guide

Ohio gun law is complex and confusing. But you won't catch a break by claiming ignorance if you fall into one of the many legal traps waiting for you. Now there's an Ohio gun law guide that explains what you need to know to stay legal ...

The Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws - 4th Edition

by Ken Hanson, Attorney at Law - FFL, NRA Life Member, Certified Firearms Instructor

184 pages with all-new, updated content. Plus, as always, the full text of all relevant statutes so you can carry the law with you wherever you go.

Only $19.95 (plus $4.00 shipping and handling).

Written by Buckeye Firearms Association's Legal Chair, an attorney with extensive experience handling criminal and civil court cases for gun owners, this newly updated fourth edition covers gun laws in the Buckeye State in plain English:

  • Explanation of general criminal law
  • Outline of Ohio's many firearm laws
  • Real life legal cases to illustrate legal pitfalls
  • Details on non-handgun concealed carry
  • How to apply for a concealed handgun license
  • Regulations for legally carrying a handgun
  • License renewals, replacements, suspensions, and revocations
  • Rules for using lethal force in self-defense
  • Liability issues facing every gun owner
  • What to do (and what not to do) after a shooting
  • Tips for finding high-quality gun training
  • The complete text of Ohio's gun statutes

Content updated and expanded to cover recent changes in Ohio law, including restaurant carry, restoration of rights, open carry, carry in posted parking lots, castle doctrine, defense against eviction, non-licensed carry of deadly weapons/knives, and school zone carry.

Do you know ...

  • The 9 federal and 5 Ohio disqualifications that can prevent you from owning a firearm?
  • One thing you can NEVER do while you possess a firearm ... even if you're in your own home?
  • How to challenge a sheriff if your CCW license application is denied?
  • A quick way to find all your addresses since the age of 18 when you're filling out your CCW license application?
  • The two BIG changes Castle Doctrine has made to Ohio gun laws?
  • Why hand loads may spell legal trouble for any Ohioan carrying a concealed weapon?
  • Where to find the only affordable source of self-defense insurance in America?
  • The first, last, and only words you should speak to the police if you are ever involved in a shooting?
  • The stealth liability issues you take on whenever you choose to carry a gun?
  • How the law looks at brandishing, warning shots, and other so-called "conflict deescalation" techniques?
  • The 3 facts you must establish to justify use of deadly force?
  • The 10 places you can NEVER carry a concealed handgun?
  • When you can defend a third party - and why you should avoid it whenever possible?
  • Whether open carry is legal in Ohio? Are you sure?

These are not pieces of legal trivia. These are legal traps waiting to ensnare you.

No. This book won't turn you into a gun law expert. Even most lawyers have trouble disentangling Ohio's web of poorly written and often contradictory and untested laws.

However, by educating yourself on the rules and, at the very least, knowing where the legal traps exist, you can dramatically reduce the chance that you will become an "accidental criminal" and possibly lose your gun rights forever.

Are your gun rights worth $19.95?

You've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours selecting your handgun and holster, improving your shooting skills, and applying for your concealed handgun license.

Don't you owe it to yourself to know the law and preserve your personal gun rights in Ohio? The price of the book is only $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. You can easily spend more than that on one box of good ammo.

And for this low price, you'll get insights into Ohio gun law that confuse even some law enforcement officers.

Be one of the good guys. Know the law. Avoid the legal traps. Preserve your rights. Order your copy of The Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws today.

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