Five Things Non-Gun-Owners Don't "Get" About Gun Owners

1. Carrying a Gun Eventually Ceases To Be a Big Deal Many people who don't own guns—for the purposes of this discussion, we'll call them "non-gunners"—have often never even touched a gun. That fact has imbued the inanimate chunk of metal with mystery and undue fear, fear they think must be universal. They don’t understand that to someone who carries daily, a firearm becomes as common as your keys...

Anti-Gun Brady Campaign Caught In Fundraising Scandal

A fundraising email sent out by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence this morning and signed by the organization’s President Dan Gross is attempting to fundraise by claiming credit for sporting goods giant Cabela’s expanded participation a gun safety program started by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the ATF more than a dozen years ago. The fundraising email claims: Dear...

Anti-Gun MarketWatch Article in Re-Run Mode

On August 27,, supposedly a website for stock market investors, published a cynical article about gun manufacturers and gun ownership, titled 10 Things the Gun Industry Won’t Tell You. In fact, MarketWatch has been running and re-running the same article for months now, just changing the date every so often, to make it appear brand new. MarketWatch apparently isn’t interested in...

BFA's Dean Rieck accepts NRA Top Recruiter Award

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Dean Rieck (on the right in the photo) accepted the Top Recruiter Award in the "club" category at the NRA Board Meeting in Arlington, VA. The award recognizes Buckeye Firearm Foundation for recruiting 1,637 NRA members in 2013. "I'm honored to accept this award," said Dean, who serves on the BFA Board of Directors. "Our supporters really stepped up and helped us...

FLASH: Fast & Furious' Eric Holder to step down

Attorney General Eric Holder, who last year was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to provide documents regarding his Justice Department's Operation Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, will announce today that he is stepping down, according to Fox News. From the article : Attorney General Eric Holder plans to announce Thursday that he is resigning from the Obama administration, a Justice...


Once upon a time, the experience of going from store to store to shop around before making a major purchase was as much a part of the pleasure of the buying experience as taking the item home. At my father and grandfather's (and great-grandfather's) car dealership, people would attend "car showings" each fall when the new models were introduced. Whether or not they were even really in the market...

Gun Owners Oppose Cleveland's New Proposed Regulations

COLUMBUS, OH - The city of Cleveland has proposed 27 new weapons laws despite two Ohio Supreme Court rulings that prohibit cities from regulating firearms. Collectively, the proposed ordinances would establish a gun-offender registry that is unlikely to deter crime or provide law enforcement with useful information. Ohio gun owners are understandably concerned with Cleveland's proposals. For over...

Prohibitionists Give up on Semi-Auto Bans? Not So Fast

For the last 25 years, banning so-called “assault weapons” has been at the forefront of the anti-gun agenda. However, in recent days, an article from ProPublica and a “study” from The Center for American Progress indicated that the gun control establishment is shifting away from advocating for semi-auto bans and towards background checks/registration. The “coincidence” of these publications...


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