Kidnapped at gunpoint from ''no-guns'' bowling alley, shot

Editor's Note: The person who submitted this story, who is in a position to know, informed OFCC that the husband was using an "illegally obtained" pistol, and that his body was found last week with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. (NBC Ch. 9 Steubenville) is reporting that a Jefferson County woman who was shot and survived talked to News 9 about her dramatic experience. According...

Gun ban extremists praise two U.S. senators for seeking pistol ban

The gun ban lobby is forging ahead with calls for banning an expensive and rare pistol, despite having been proven to be selling a lie just last month. From the story : New Jersey's two senators, Jon Corzine and Frank Lautenberg say they will be introducing a bill that would make it illegal for anyone except police and military officials to purchase or use an assault pistol that fires bullets...

LTE: Assault weapons ban is a waste of time

February 26, 2005 Columbus Dispatch Columbus City Councilman Michael C. Mentel’s effort to enact a ban on socalled assault weapons has less to do with the safety of residents and police officers and more to do with justifying his existence on City Council as chairman of the Safety and Judiciary Committee. If he truly cared about the safety of citizens and officers in Columbus, he would ban motor...

Day-care centers near sex offenders

Apparently, Ohio laws banning sexual predators from school zones and day-care centers work about as well as those banning violent predators with guns... Which is to say they do not work at all. February 24, 2005 Zanesville Times Recorder When Genesis Healthcare Systems chose 534 Taylor St. as the location for its new day-care center, the picturesque neighborhood dotted with small homes and well...

Op-Ed: Gun owners have rights, too

February 21, 2005 Meridian (CT) Record-Journal By Mike Roberts Instead of legislators taking their time to try and take various firearms away from honest gun owners, why don't they use that time to insure proper measures that would prevent children from using video games and CDs that promote just about every type of gun violence and mayhem imaginable? Why don't they make more laws protecting...

Bill seeks to protect firearms industry from suits

February 19, 2005 Washington Times Congress is again attempting to shield the firearms industry from civil liability lawsuits filed by third parties seeking damages for the criminal use of a gun. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act is likely to pass the House much the same way it did when first introduced in 2003, on a bipartisan vote of 285-to-140. The bill never made it out of the...

Op-Ed: Why Do Criminals Break The Law?

Larry Pratt, executive director of the Virginia-based Gun Owners of America, has published an excellent opinion editorial at Following are the opening paragraphs: Criminals are as much a victim as those they have victimized, right? After all, they do what they do because of poverty, or bad parenting, or lousy peers, mental illness or the availability of a gun, right? Well, no, says...

FL: Bill would relax rules on self-defense

The St. Petersburg (FL) Times is reporting that some Florida legislators want to give people the right to shoot an attacker in a public place. It would be a dramatic departure from current law, notes the newspaper, but supporters say people should be able to defend themselves without fear of being sued or charged with a crime. Click on the "Read More..." link below for more. From the story:...


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