"No-guns" London: Man held after daylight axe murder

ThisIsLondon.com is reporting that a 61-year-old man was bludgeoned to death with an axe in a broad daylight attack in an upmarket area of north London. From the story: Shocked witnesses described how the victim's head was turned to "mush" after he was set upon in Eton Avenue, Swiss Cottage. Nick Blackford, 20, said the "calm and precise" killer seemed unworried as he handed himself over to armed...

Cincy papers court gun dollars; discriminate against gun owners

The OFCC PAC has learned that the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post have recently, and very quietly, enacted a policy of denying advertising space to individuals who wish to offer a firearm for sale via the classifieds. The following email was received by a major Cincinnati firearms retailer two months ago. The writer of the email, Scott DaVault, is no longer working for the company. -----...

Another shoot-out in the streets NOT perpetrated by CHL-holders

The WHIOTV.com is reporting that an attempted robbery Saturday night turned into gunfire at a Dayton grocery store. According to the story, the shooting happened at the Kroger Store on Smithville Road, where bullets shattered windows. Officers told reporters a man and a woman whispered into a cashier's ear, making a security guard suspicious. Authorities the pair then ran outside and began...

DNA tests find ninth victim of serial rapist in Cleveland

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that police have identified the ninth victim of a serial rapist preying on the city's women since at least 1996, and that a state program testing DNA from cold cases could link the man to more rapes soon. In the last two weeks, the newspaper reports that DNA tests identified this previously undetected serial rapist as well as the work of another rapist in...

Lessons which can be learned from the pages of Ohio newspapers

From the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, proof that law-abiding citizens are a help, and not a threat, to police officers in peril: Citizens come to the aid and rescue of wounded officer According to Police Chief Butch Wilhite, Lt. Todd Rudd, 33, a nine-year veteran of the force, broke his shoulder bone and arm and received a facial injury when he was assaulted by Angela Behrendsen, 28, 402 Sharp St.,...

After shooting outside ''no-guns'' 5/3 bank, criminal hops ''no-guns'' COTA bus

MSNBC.com is reporting that a man was shot and killed Saturday afternoon in a corridor, connecting a "no-guns" Fifth-Third Bank building to a Wendy's restaurant. Detectives told the news media the gunman stormed onto State Street after the shooting and might have hopped on a "no-guns" city bus. Commentary by Chad D. Baus: The following political subdivisions in Ohio illegally ban CHL-holders from...

Poll: 2/3 of Ohioans believe others have too much info about them

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that, in a Columbus-area poll conducted by the newspaper, two-thirds of respondents said other Ohioans have too much access to personal information about them. While the Dispatch is happy to tout a result which showed that "about 75 percent said Ohioans have either too little or about the right amount of access to government records", as with most public opinion...

Multiple victim public shootings in places where guns are banned

The headlines are filled again with news of multiple victim public shootings, and as do 90% of these types of crimes, they occurred in victim zones - places where guns are banned. Defendant overpowers deputy, kills three at courthouse Friday morning, Nichols overpowered a deputy on the way to court, then shot Fulton County Superior Court Judge Rowland W. Barnes and court reporter Julie Ann...


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