Do you bet your life depend on a phone line?: 911 Emergency systems fail

Two Ohio newspapers this week reported that two separate 911 services went down unexpectedly and for several hours. On February 8, the Lorain Morning Journal reported that the telephone system at the Erie County Sheriff's Office died for about 1 1/2 hours Saturday morning, meaning no one could call into the sheriff's office -- including 911 calls. And on Friday, Feb. 11, the Toledo Blade reported...

Ohio Univ: Second Amendment speaker says gun laws are racist, unconstitutional

February 10, 2005 Athens News Gun-rights advocate Reginald Jones used humor and a dynamic, informal speaking style to deliver his inflammatory message -- "Gun control is racist" -- at Ohio University Thursday night. "People are surprised to hear that," Jones told a small crowd of about 25 people in Baker Center's 1804 Room. Jones maintained that gun-control laws were used to keep blacks from...

Betty Montgomery to OFCC Coor.: No CCW because of ''dastardly'' attacks on cops

On January 25, OFCC published a letter from Tim Inwood, recounting his experience questioning gubernatorial-hopeful and State Auditor Betty Montgomery about her anti-CCW record. Just over a week later, on February 8, it was (OFCC Central Region Coordinator) Gerard Valentino's turn to query Betty on her opinion of law-abiding citizens who choose exercise their constitutional right to bear arms for...

Letter to OFCC: ''That poor man''

Sent: Thu Feb 10 19:08:07 2005 Subject: That poor man Dear OFCC, I have been reading your website for some time now per request of my husband, he has been wanting me to get a CHL since he has one and I never really felt motivated too until I seen a picture of that poor mans face that got beaten. I have always read your stories about someone being robbed or beaten, but by actually seeing a picture...

LTE: Forget about guns. Get tougher on crime

February 10, 2005 Akron Beacon Journal I wondered how long it would take the likes of Toby Hoover, the Brady Campaign and the news media to pounce on their anti-gun drivel (" Portage killings spark debate ,'' Beacon Journal, Jan. 26). I find it ironic that Hoover, executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, stated that 40 percent of gun sales don't require a background check...

Is a man like this eating at YOUR Dairy Queen?

The Newark Advocate is reporting that Charles W. McCoy kicked a chair and swore on his way out of court Tuesday after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for a knifepoint robbery and stabbing at the Dairy Queen in Heath in July. According to the story, McCoy had waived his right to a jury trial and instead pleaded his case directly to Common Pleas Judge Jon R. Spahr, who sentenced him to 30...

Florida bill to allow deadly force against burglars

February 10, 2005 St. Petersburg (FL) Times TALLAHASSEE - More than a decade has passed since Sen. Jim King woke up to find a man pointing a gun at his head. It's been 15 years since Sen. Evelyn Lynn woke up - twice - to find intruders in her home. But both remember the events as if they were yesterday, prompting both to vote Wednesday for a bill expanding the rights of Floridians to use deadly...

The tragic face of defenselessness

WBNS 10TV (CBS Columbus) is reporting that a Columbus man heading out for a Saturday morning jog took a severe beating from three other men more than half his age. Police are looking for any possible witnesses to help catch the three robbers. 10TV is not reporting the victim’s last name, and OFCC is not reporting his first. "These dummies are going to kill me for nothing,” the victim told the...


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