GOP candidates for governor will speak at dinner

February 21, 2005 Toledo Blade The three Republican candidates for governor have agreed to address the Lucas County GOP Lincoln Day dinner next month, an early joint appearance in what is promising to be one of the toughest primary races Ohio has seen in decades. The dinner is set for April 13, said Sally Perz, interim party chairman. The appearance of Attorney General James Petro, Secretary of...

OK: ''911 Call Reveals Woman's Struggle With Purse Thief''

As you listen to the 911 tape that is the subject of the following story, you will quickly realize the headline should read "911 Call Reveals Woman's Struggle With Police Dispatcher". Oklahoma City's KOCO-TV is reporting that Oklahoma City police released a 911 recording Thursday which reveals a dramatic struggle following an attempted purse-snatching in south Oklahoma City. Barbara Gesell, 83,...

Armed robbers steal woman's pants

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that a Fairborn woman told police two gunmen stole her pants from her as she loaded laundry into her car early Wednesday at Capital Cleaners on Kaufman Avenue. According to the story, the 21-year-old woman told police the men approached at 3:39 a.m. as she loaded white trash bags full of freshly washed and dried clothes into her car in the parking lot of the...

Are educators more focused on mop-up than terror prevention?

The Associated Press is reporting that school nurses nationwide are unprepared for a terrorist attack, such as the one that resulted in 330 deaths at a school in Russia last September. The wire story was filed in Youngstown, where The National Association of School Nurses recently held a disaster-preparedness program. Disaster preparedness trainer Deborah Strouse noted to the AP that many schools...

Ohio sheriffs feel brunt of state funding problems

The Lancaster Eagle Gazette is reporting that the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office is a little tense these days while employees wait to find out who will be laid off. From the story: In one office, a chair has been decorated to represent a laid off employee; and people are not willing to talk about the cuts publicly. "It's real difficult," said Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen. "We are...

Three teens arrested in ''Parking Lot Predator'' case

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that three teens suspected in at least 12 armed robberies in Trotwood area apartment complexes have been arrested by police. Trotwood police said the boys were arrested after a police dog tracked them to an apartment unit moments after an attempted robbery. Using a search warrant, Sgt. David Kopf told the newspaper police found guns and jewelry reported stolen...

Does this man’s employer ban CCW?

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that a cabdriver was robbed and his vehicle was stolen early Wednesday at Chalker and Dalton streets in North Akron. According to the story, the incident occurred shortly after 4 a.m. The Yellow Cab Co. driver told police he picked up a man in the 700 block of Carlysle Street. The man asked the driver to take him to Chalker Street. When they reached their...

Dayton cop suspected in wife's shooting

The Dayton Daily News is reporting Dayton police officer Michael Blake is a suspect in the shooting death of his wife Niema at the couple's home, following a domestic dispute on Saturday. DPD Maj. Michael Brown said the handgun used in the shooting was retrieved at the scene. He said he did not know if it was a police-issued weapon. Brown also told the paper the shooting took place on the first...


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