Ohio Appeals Court rules reaching for the glovebox during a traffic stop is not a threatening move

The Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals has overturned a conviction of a Toledo concealed handgun licenseholder who had been found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon—failure to inform a law enforcement officer. Following is a summary of the case by TheNewspaper.com : When drivers are pulled over and expect a speeding ticket they sometimes reach instinctively for the glovebox so they will have...

Give ‘Em Heller!

In 1988, when Florida first considered passing a shall-issue concealed carry permitting (CCW) law, gun control groups hysterically predicted massive public bloodshed and shoot-outs in the streets. But nothing like their dire predictions has ever happened. In fact, after Florida civilians were allowed to legally carry guns in public for self-defense, certain categories of violence plummeted. For...

MSNBC Poll: 84% say Kroger shoppers should be allowed to carry handguns

MSNBC, a well-known media bastion of anti-gun rights extremism, has opened an online poll presumably hoping to provide fuel to help their buddies at billionaire bully Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America's latest campaign to intimidate an American corporation to prohibit their customers from exercising their Second Amendment rights. (His previous campaigns against...

It's the Politics, Stupid

When the same groups are constantly squawking about "protecting the children" when the subject is making firearms illegal, refuse to OK a good idea specifically designed to protect children, you can clearly see their use of the word "protect" as a synonym for the word "disarm". The latest manifestation of this curious behavior is a decision by officials at Reagan National Airport not to permit...

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC announces 2014 general election grades and endorsements

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC (BFA-PAC) is pleased to announce our 2014 general election grades* and endorsements. As a political action committee, BFA-PAC has been issuing endorsements in every election season for the past twelve years. Through a system of weighing candidate surveys, voting records (where applicable) and personal commitment to the cause, candidates are graded on the...

Mississippi Yawning: One Year Later, Dire Open Carry Predictions Prove False

It’s long been a predictable pattern. A state or locality relaxes its restrictions on carrying firearms and doesn’t devolve into the anarchy gun opponents predicted. The latest example comes from Mississippi, where last year a change in the law, and a Mississippi Supreme Court ruling, ensured that law-abiding residents could exercise their right to carry openly without a permit. According to a...

Bloomberg backfire: More than 57,000 gun-friendly businesses crop up across America

According to a report in the Washington Times , even as billionaire bully Michael Bloomberg continues attempts to intimidate national corporations into discriminating against a large segment of their customer base who carry guns for self-defense, smaller businesses are recognizing an opportunity to win over new customers by hanging up the "welcome" signs. From the article: [M]any smaller...

Demystifying the Modern Sporting Rifle

Rifles are incredible tools. From a distance, a hunter can take a large animal that will put food in the freezer to feed your family for the year. A farmer can stop a predator or nuisance animal from destroying crops and livestock. And anyone, from homeowner to serious competitor to weekend plinker, can hone their skills with practice and gain proficiency to shoot over distances of a 1,000 yards...


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