2012 Zombie Apocalypse Gun & Gear Raffle


zombie apocalypse gun and gear raffleAre you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Purchase your tickets now and you could ...

Win a complete Zombie Fighting Package, with $3,500 worth of guns and gear to battle the impending army of the undead! See pictures below.

When the corpses begin to rise and start crashing through your windows and breaking down your doors, it's going to be too late to drive to the local gun store. You need to prepare your defensive arsenal now or you'll be on the menu when the walkers strike.

So here's your chance to win a ready-made gun and gear collection specifically assembled with zombies in mind. Plus you'll benefit Buckeye Firearms Foundation. The 2012 Zombie Apocalypse Gun & Gear Raffle is sponsored by Black Wing Shooting Center.

Only 1,000 3-digit tickets (numbered 000-999) will be sold for $25 each. The winning number will be determined by the Ohio Lottery’s Pick 3 drawing. You may purchase as many tickets as you want. FOR LEGAL REASONS, ONLY OHIO RESIDENTS MAY ENTER THIS RAFFLE.

The raffle will end when all tickets are sold OR when the Emergency Broadcast System announces the zombies have begun to overrun major cities, whichever comes first. The drawing date will be announced after the raffle has been officially closed. See complete rules and terms at the bottom of this page.

Buy tickets for Zombie Raffle

NOTE: Your numbered tickets will be mailed to you within two weeks after your purchase.

The more tickets you buy, the greater your odds of winning!
1 Ticket = 1 in 1,000 Chance
2 Tickets = 1 in 500 Chance
5 Tickets = 1 in 200 Chance
10 Tickets = 1 in 100 Chance

Take a look at what you could WIN!

If you want to get a closeup look, visit Black Wing Shooting Center at 3722 Marysville Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

*** THE RIFLE ***

Armalite/Eagle Arms M15 Rifle w/ Magpul accessories - Headshots! You must destroy the brain.
zombie rifle

Streamlight TLR-2 Light w/ laser - To see zombies in the dark.
zombie tactical light

Galati Arms Magazine Coupler - Faster reloads.
zombie mag coupler

Savvy Sniper Quad Slings including 1 black, 1 coyote tan, plus sling adapter - For steady shots when you're kicking butt.
zombie rifle sling

Voodoo Tactical Rifle Scabbard - Your rifle's home.
zombie rifle case


Mossberg 500 Cruiser Pistol Grip Shotgun 12 ga - Close quarters power.
zombie shotgun

Tactical Breecher Choke - For busting locks and scavenging supplies.
zombie shotgun breech choke

Tac Star Shotgun Side Saddle - Ammo at the ready.
zombie shotgun side saddle

Voodoo Tactical Shotgun Scabbard - Your shotgun's home.
zombie shotgun case

*** THE PISTOL ***

S&W M&P 9mm w/ Gear Pkg, including holster, double mag pouch, (3) 17-round mags & loader - Never leave your barricaded hideout without it.
zombie pistol

*** THE AMMO ***

Hornady ZombieMax .223 (5 boxes = 100 rounds) - For zombie heads.
zombie .223 ammo

Hornady ZombieMax 12 ga 00 (2 boxes = 20 rounds) - For up close and personal.
zombie 12ga ammo

Hornady ZombieMax 9mm (3 boxes = 75 rounds) - For everything else.
zombie 9mm ammo

Ammo Can Green (not full) - There's never enough ammo.
zombie ammo can

*** THE EXTRAS ***

Zombie Survival Guide - To help you prepare.
zombie survival guide

S&W Boot Knife - When all else fails.
zombie boot knife

Hornady Zombie Max Tshirt XL - For lookin' good.
zombie tshirt

Zombie Hunting Permit - So you're legal.
zombie hunting permit decal

Zombieland DVD - Just for fun.
zombieland dvd

10 Zombie Targets - Practice, practice, practice.
zombie targets

Tactical Bacon - You gotta eat.
zombie tactical bacon

Buy tickets for Zombie Raffle

NOTE: Your numbered tickets will be mailed to you within two weeks after your purchase.

Eligibility, Validity and Other Requirements: Void where prohibited by law. Only individuals with residence in Ohio and who are 21 years or older may enter. Employees, officers, directors, and trustees of Buckeye Firearms Association, Buckeye Firearms Foundation, and Black Wing Shooting Center, their immediate families, and members of their household are not eligible to participate. Guns awarded as prizes will be distributed through a licensed dealer and only in compliance with federal and state laws and applicable local ordinances. If a winner is not a resident of Ohio or is ineligible to receive a prize under relevant state, federal or local laws and regulations, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen. Any taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Prizes are non-transferable. There will be no prize substitution. The winner will be notified by phone, email, and/or mail. The winner will be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and release of liability/publicity within 15 days of notification by mail. If a winner fails to return the affidavit and release within this period, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen. Entry constitutes consent for the use of the name of the winner. Raffle ticket purchases are not tax deductible. There will be no refunds for tickets purchased.

Drawing and Winner: All guns and gear will be given away at the conclusion of the raffle after 1,000 tickets have been sold. The winning number will be determined by the Ohio Lottery Pick Three game number (straight bet) chosen at 7:29 p.m. every day. The exact date of the drawing will be announced at the conclusion of the raffle. Numbered tickets will be assigned at random as they are purchased and mailed to entrants. Tickets will be available until 1,000 tickets are sold.

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