EOTWAWKI Guns & Survival Gear Raffle

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EOTWAWKI Guns & Gear Survival RaffleDomestic terrorism. Civil unrest. Comet strike. Nuclear war. Zombie invasion. Are you ready to bug out and survive? Purchase your tickets now and you could ...

Win this End of the World as We Know It Guns & Survival Gear collection worth more than $3,200!

Click on the photo to get an up-close view.

In an EOTW situation, the stores could be overrun and the Internet shut down. So it will be too late to shop for survival gear. You may have to bug out with whatever you already have.

So here's your chance to win a ready-made gun and survival gear collection that could give you the edge you need to "get out of Dodge" and survive. Plus you'll benefit Buckeye Firearms Foundation. The EOTWAWKI Guns & Survival Gear Raffle is sponsored by Black Wing Shooting Center.

Only 1,000 3-digit tickets (numbered 000-999) will be sold for $25 each. The winning number will be determined by the Ohio Lottery’s Pick 3 drawing. You may purchase as many tickets as you want. FOR LEGAL REASONS, ONLY OHIO RESIDENTS MAY ENTER THIS RAFFLE.

The raffle will end when all tickets are sold (or when fire rains from the sky). The drawing date will be announced after the raffle has been officially closed. See complete rules and terms at the bottom of this page.


Buy tickets for EOTWAWKI Raffle

NOTE: There are NO physical tickets for this raffle. We will randomly assign ticket numbers after all tickets have been sold and provide these numbers to participants before the drawing.

The more tickets you buy, the greater your odds of winning!
1 Ticket = 1 in 1,000 Chance
2 Tickets = 1 in 500 Chance
5 Tickets = 1 in 200 Chance
10 Tickets = 1 in 100 Chance

Take a look at what you could WIN!

If you want to get a closeup look, click on the photo above. And for an even closer view, visit Black Wing Shooting Center at 3722 Marysville Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015.


1 Bushmaster XM15-E2S 5.56 16" Rifle
1 Glock Gen4 .40 Caliber Handgun


1 Tac Force Stryker Drag Bag
1 Blackhawk Range Bag

Firearm Accessories

1 Aimpoint Comp ML2 Red Dot Sight with Quick Mount
3 Magpul 30 Round Magazines
1 Daniel Defense Carbine Sling Attachment Kit
1 Magpul Ms3 Multi-Mission Sling
1 Blackhawk Serpa Holster
1 Blackhawk Double Mag Carrier
2 Bore Snakes
1 Can Break Free CLP

Survival Gear

1 Streamlight Protac HL 600 Lumen Tactical Light
1 Benchmade Sibert Adamas Knife
1 Leatherman MUT Tactical Tool
1 Survival Shovel
1 Advanced Medical First Aid Kit
1 Advanced Medical Field Trauma Kit
1 Gunslick Universal Roll-Up Cleaning Kit
1 Atwood Rope
1 Gerber Ax/Saw Combo
1 Bucket Wise Emergency Food Supply


100 Rounds PMC Bronze .40 Caliber 180 Grain FMJ
120 Rounds Federal XM193 5.56 55 Grain FMJ


How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It by James Wesley, Rawles


Buy tickets for EOTWAWKI Raffle

Eligibility, Validity and Other Requirements: Void where prohibited by law. Only individuals with residence in Ohio and who are 21 years or older may enter. Employees, officers, directors, and trustees of Buckeye Firearms Association, Buckeye Firearms Foundation, and Black Wing Shooting Center, their immediate families, and members of their household are not eligible to participate. Guns awarded as prizes will be distributed through a licensed dealer and only in compliance with federal and state laws and applicable local ordinances. If a winner is not a resident of Ohio or is ineligible to receive a prize under relevant state, federal or local laws and regulations, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen. Any taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Prizes are non-transferable. There will be no prize substitution. The winner will be notified by phone, email, and/or mail. The winner will be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and release of liability/publicity within 15 days of notification by mail. If a winner fails to return the affidavit and release within this period, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen. Entry constitutes consent for the use of the name of the winner. Raffle ticket purchases are not tax deductible. There will be no refunds for tickets purchased.

Drawing and Winner: All guns and gear will be given away at the conclusion of the raffle after 1,000 tickets have been sold. There are no physical tickets. Ticket numbers will be assigned after all tickets are sold and these numbers will be made available to all participants before the drawing. The winning number will be determined by the Ohio Lottery Pick Three game number (straight bet) chosen at 7:29 p.m. every day. The exact date will be announced at least one week before the drawing.

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