War May Redefine Gun Control - a feminist view

Despite the high emotions that surround war — or perhaps because of them — people are focusing again on "normal" life. But what is normal has shifted in ways both obvious and subtle. Consider how war has affected just one issue: the debate over gun control. align="center"> Click here to read the entire article on, written by editor Wendy McElroy.

High Court Hears Case on Concealed Weapons

Members and leadership representing Ohioans For Concealed Carry were in attendance at the Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 15th, to attend oral arguments in the more than two-year-old "Hamilton County Concealed Carry" lawsuits. Canton Repository - the Repository offers on of the best objective summaries of the testimony offered at the hearing by both sides, and the key issues about which the...

Concealed carry goes before Ohio Supreme Court this week

This week, the state’s highest court will hear arguments on one of the most controversial issues facing Ohio’s lawmakers. Tuesday, the Ohio Supreme Court will hear arguments in a lawsuit over the state’s law banning concealed carry. The Second Amendment Foundation and Cincinnati residents question the constitutionality of state law that makes it illegal to conceal a gun, unless it’s used for self...

AP: State lawmaker Grendell won't seek re-election

The Associated Press 4/14/03 12:55 AM CHARDON, Ohio (AP) -- State Rep. Tim Grendell has decided against seeking election to a third two-year term, and instead plans to run for a pending Geauga County Common Pleas Court judgeship vacancy. With the announcement, the 49-year-old Republican abandoned his oft-stated goal of succeeding Larry Householder as House speaker. Grendell, an OFCC PAC 2002...

Cincinnati Homicide Crisis

The plight of Cincinnatians continues, as law-abiding citizens there continue to suffer (with the rest of Ohio) from the denial of their self-defense rights. As we have previously reported, Cincinnatians are under a violent crime seige . Cincinnati has recorded two more homicides in the past two days -- bringing the total for the year to 23 and putting the city on a pace for a record 84 homicides...

Column: The logic behind concealed weapon proposal eludes me

On April 10, Columbus community newspaper ThisWeek published an editorial opposing the reformation of concealed carry laws in Ohio, entitled "The logic behind concealed weapon proposal eludes me". Logic isn't the only thing that eludes the author, a Mr. Vince Dunbar . Truth and fact seem to stray far afield as well. UPDATE! OFCC President Jeff Garvas submitted a response, which was published in...

Sean Penn’s downtown lunch marred by car, gun theft

This isn't Ohio CCW news, but it's too good to pass up: When actor Sean Penn's wife (actress Robin Wright Penn, of The Princess Bride fame) and her kids were the victims of a carjacking in 1996, Penn spoke out about his desire for justice for the bad guys . Now, we have learned he believes in self-defense with a hand gun as well, in spite of his vocal opposition to the self-defense actions...

Senate President Doug White to attend open reception April 14

Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich has announced that Senate President Doug White will attend a special reception in Hamilton County, which is open to the public. While the subject of both men's presentations will be the State of Ohio's current fiscal crisis, this is a great opportunity for pro-concealed carry reformers to meet Sen. White, to thank him for his support for HB12, and to...


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