Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio Senate OKs concealed-gun bill

The Ohio Senate approved a bill yesterday legalizing concealed weapons for most Ohioans, despite the continued opposition of Gov. Bob Taft. House leaders said that without a promise from Taft to sign the bill they do not intend to bring lawmakers back for a vote on the bill. That decision [if it remains firm] will kill the bill for now, though the House intends to reintroduce its version after...

Morning Journal Editorial: ''Ohioans are safer'' without CCW

What is it about the major media having such blatant misunderstanding on this issue? Or is it something else - like deliberate disinformation, flying in the face of reality represented in 44 other CCW states? Either way, those who enjoy writing letters to the editor will want to read and respond to this rubbish, printed in the Morning Journal. A comments section is also available at the bottom of...

Dayton Daily News: Senate approves concealed-carry bill

The Ohio Senate approved legislation Tuesday giving Ohioans the right to carry concealed handguns, but it still appears unlikely that a final version of the bill will get to Gov. Bob Taft’s desk before the end of the year. The Senate vote was 20-11, with two members absent. House Speaker Larry Householder, R-Glenford, said again Tuesday that the House has no plans to come back to consider the...

Clear Channel stations report on bill's passage from committee

WTAM 1100 began playing this news report on the radio following the passage of amended Sub. HB274 from Senate committee. It is likely that this was played on Clear Channel stations statewide. You can find that audio clip on the WTAM website or you can click here to access the downloads section for our archived version (35 sec., requires MP3 player).

Ohio Senate Passed Very Poorly Amended HB274 -- Vote: 20 - 11

THE LEGISLATION PASSED THE OHIO SENATE - The Vote Was 20 - 11 Senator Jeff Jacobson began speaking on behalf of Substitute HB274 shortly after 4pm today. After giving a rather lack luster performance that could be paraphased as: "nobody is happy with this bill but we did what the cops and the administration wanted" the Senator sat down. Amendments were offered by Senator Fingerhut, a well-known...

AP: Senate could consider vote on weapons bill

This story was filed by the Associated Press immediately following passage of the bill out of Committee. Commentary by Chad D. Baus: Most interestingly, the Ohio State Patrol is *STILL* opposed to the bill, even after the the Committee tried to "compromise" and tell people they could have a loaded gun in their car, but only if locked in their glove box or in a case. The Governor's office STILL...

URGENT: Committee Passes BAD Bill, Full Senate Vote Today?

Ohioans For Concealed Carry has just learned that the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee has caved into Governor Bob Taft's demands. In the process of issuing Version 15 of "Substitute House Bill 274", the committee has decided to amend this legislation into something completely unsupportable. A vote on this legislation on the Senate Floor is expected today. Session begins at 1:30pm. You can watch...

AP: Concealed-carry issue not going away quietly

The House won't vote on [an amended] bill to allow Ohioans to carry hidden guns this year, but a vote on the issue could take place in the Senate this week. Work continued Monday to recruit supporters, said Sen. Jeff Jacobson, a suburban Dayton Republican who's chairman of the Senate Civil Justice Committee. An amended version of the bill was expected to be introduced Tuesday, he said. However,...


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