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Lucky Carroll Man Wins Daniel Defense "Combat Ready" Rifle Raffle

I've never heard anyone say they don't want to own a Daniel Defense rifle. They might say they're a little too pricey or that there are plenty of other manufacturers offering great guns. But Daniel Defense makes some of the best built and, let's face it, beautifully-designed firearms on the market.

That probably explains why tickets sell out so quickly when we have a raffle featuring a Daniel Defense rifle. In March of 2016, we sold 1,000 tickets in 2.5 days. In March of 2017, the raffle sold out in 1.5 days.

Last month, the Daniel Defense "Combat Ready" Rifle Raffle sold out in 2.5 days. And the winner, Eric from Carroll, Ohio, could not have been happier. The complete prize package included the Daniel Defense M4 v11 with a retail value of $1,599.99, plus 1,200 rounds of ammo, a Surefire Scout Light, 10 Magpul PMags, an NC Star Chest Rig, and plenty more with a total value of $3,150.

Not a bad haul for one $25 ticket.

Why do we do these raffles? Lots of reasons. We ran our first raffle in 2012 to fund the "Armed Teacher Training Program," which is now called FASTER Saves Lives. Both the raffle and the training class were a hit. So as the FASTER program started to grow over the years, we needed more and more funding, and started running more and more raffles. The Foundation pays all the costs for training, which run between $800 and $1,000 per school staff member. Our Foundation has spent well over $1 million on this revolutionary program. 

Today, the raffle helps fund additional programs and projects, and we try to run one each month, though we may have to skip a month when things get particularly busy. Our partner, Black Wing Shooting Center, helps with the logistics of putting together our prize package, taking photos, and working with winners after each raffle is complete. 

But apart from fundraising, I personally see the raffles as part of our ongoing mission to defend and advance gun rights. What better way to do that than to help put high-quality firearms and accessories into the hands of law-abiding Americans so they can exercise their rights?

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It's easy to update your subscription information. Next time you get our newsletter, scroll down to the very bottom and click on the "Update Profile" link. Add your mailing address and you'll start getting alerts when raffle tickets go on sale. 

We've run 47 raffles to date, which means 47 lucky Ohioans have WON. Who knows? Maybe YOU will be our next winner!

Dean Rieck is Executive Director of Buckeye Firearms Association, a former competitive shooter, NRA Patron Member, #1 NRA Recruiter for 2013, business owner and partner with Second Call Defense.

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