Terrorists on buses and in malls: Ohio CHL important to Homeland Security

In recent days and weeks, the United States has seen increased signs that terrorists may attempt to attack American shopping malls or transit systems such as buses or trains.

The citizens of Israel have faces such threats in their every-day lives for years, and that government has responded by encouraging law-abiding citizens to go armed.

Meanwhile, taxpayer-funded bureaucrats at bus services in Toledo, Columbus, Youngstown and Cleveland are ignoring Section 9 (read: ignoring the will of the Ohio General Assembly) and attempting to ban CHL-holders from buses.

In addition, some Ohio mall operators are posting discriminatory signs telling CHL-holders to stay away.

Given the fact that the millions upon millions of CHL-holders in our nation are known as the most law-abiding of citizens, while terrorists continue to prove their exhibit their desire to murder innocent Americans at will, why are they more concerned about law-abiding citizens than they are about terrorists?

Stories like this prove the success of Israel's efforts to curb terror:

In a 1998 letter to the Baltimore City paper, Keith Batcher, Chairperson, United Sportsmen of Maryland noted that having citizens armed does, in point of fact, translate into enhanced public safety. Many, many examples exist.

    One of the most prominent occurred in 1991 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Three Palestine Liberation Organization terrorists opened fire in a crowded restaurant, using fully automatic arms. They only managed to wound a couple of patrons before they were dispatched by Israeli citizens using their private arms.

    The situation in Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, that year had a much more distressing outcome, with 23 innocent lives lost. Texas legislators, not wishing any repeats of that incident, and comparing it to the occurrence in Israel, passed a "shall-issue" concealed-carry law, which allows citizens to carry concealed guns unless the state can prove a reason why they can't."

"Are you guys ready? Let's roll," said Todd Beamer before leading fellow passengers in a suicide charge to retake United Airlines Flight 93.

The whole world knows Beamer's story.

But another hero in the War on Terror has been ignored. He is 46-year-old Israeli shoe salesman William Hazan.

This account is taken from U.S. Press Ignores Another Armed Citizen-Hero, by Richard Poe.

    When the windows of the restaurant burst in from the gunfire, I pushed my
    wife and the others toward the bathroom, and then crawled out with my gun.
    As I got up to my feet, I called out for everyone to stay down... suddenly
    the big guy stabbed me in the back.
    Taking aim, I shot the terrorist three or four times, and he went down.

    And what about the police who allegedly came to the rescue? The Israeli
    newspaper Ha'aretz explains that a young plainclothes cop named Salim
    Barakat was parked outside when the attack began.

    Officer Barakat shot and wounded the terrorist. But the gunman fought back,
    stabbing the policeman in the chest and killing him on the spot. Only then,
    reports Ha'aretz, did a "civilian on the scene shoot the gunman in the head,
    killing him."

Before you tell yourself that Mr. Hazan's story is an anamoly, consider this, from the Jerusalem Post: Alert customer shoots terrorist in Efrat supermarket

    An alert customer shot dead a terrorist who tried to set off an explosive device in a supermarket a few minutes ago in Efrat. The town is in Gush Etzion, a block of Jewish communities in Judea, south of Bethlehem.

    At least one small explosion did take place, leaving one customer lightly wounded but causing no casualties, said Jerusalem Post reporter Margot Dudkevitch. Nails from one of the explosions littered the floor.

    Further tragedy was averted when a woman shopping in the packed supermarket
    apparently saw the terrorist trying to set off a second explosion and shot
    him twice in the head from close range.

In spite of the new terror alert, the following political subdivisions in Ohio are subverting the law of Section 9 in their efforts to ban CHL-holders from city buses:

  • COTA public transportation service, Columbus
  • TARTA public transport service, Toledo
  • RTA public transportation service, Cleveland
  • WRTA public transport service, Youngstown

    In spite of the new terror alert, the following shopping malls in Ohio are moving ahead with efforts to ban CHL-holders from their property:

  • American Mall, Lima
  • Ashtabula Mall
  • Beachwood Place Mall, Cleveland
  • Canton Center Mall, Canton
  • Chapel Hill Mall, Akron
  • Dayton Mall, Dayton
  • Eastwood Mall, Niles
  • Eaton Mall, Chagrin Blvd., Woodmere
  • Euclid Square Mall, Euclid
  • Ohio Valley Mall, St. Clairsville
  • Lakeside Centre (formerly Northtowne Square Mall), Toledo
  • Northgate Mall, Cincinnati
  • Northtowne Mall, Defiance
  • Sandusky Mall, Perkins Township
  • Southern Park Mall, Boardman
  • Springfield Mall, Springfield
  • The Avenue (Mall), Cleveland
  • University Mall, Athens
  • Westland Mall, Columbus

    If you were a terrorist, where would you go to kill and maim?

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