Section 9 update: OFCC successful in deterring several city ordinances

Ohioans For Concealed Carry's legal representation continues to contact city law directors in each and every instance of a potential Section 9 violation we are made aware of. We are being met, in many cases, with success.

The cities of Salem, Dover and Warren, and the County of Clinton, have backed down from plans to pass new bans, after receiving notice from our attorney. Officials in Dover and Warren say they're reevaluating their options.

The cities of Chardon, Fairborn, and New Philadelphia, and the County of Summit have already passed bans, but after being advised of Section 9 by OFCC, they say they too are reevaluating the legality of the new ordinances.

The cities of Columbus, Cleveland, Newark and Loveland had existing bans in place, and have publicly acknowledged that Section 9 preempts their ability to continue to enforce the ban.

The cities of Elyria and Toledo have passed bans with full knowledge that they were violating the law, and their oaths of office to uphold it.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry was a funding co-plaintiff in the recent challenge to Ohio's concealed-carry ban, "Klein et. al vs Leis et. al", in which two Ohio courts unanimously ruled Ohio's laws prohibiting possession of a firearm by a law-abiding citizen violated numerous Constitutional and civil rights, including equal protection, due process and the right to carry a firearm for self-defense.

The Ohio Supreme Court, which ultimately decided the case, ruled that bearing arms for self-defense is a "fundamental individual right" under our Constitution.

We are prepared to vigorously defend attempts by these public entities to place restrictions on Ohio's new concealed carry law.

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To review the advisory OFCC's legal counsel is sending to violators, click here.

For a complete list of Section 9 violators, click here and look under "Taxpayer-funded entities".

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