TEN: Another national chain removes discriminatory signs

Ohioans For Concealed Carry is pleased to announce that The Carter Lumber Co. has made a decision to open its doors to Ohio concealed handgun license-holders, just as the company has done for customers in eight other concealed carry states for years.

In an email to OFCC, Carter Lumber's V.P. of Marketing, David McCafferty, stated as follows, and in part:

    "The signage that was recently hung in our stores was never intended to discriminate against or offend any of our customers or members of the community.

    By posting these signs, The Carter Lumber Company was following some advice based on our interpretation of the law. After investigating the situation further, we have decided to remove the signage from our stores."

We are pleased that The Carter Lumber Company management has taken the time to consider the facts and make an informed decision. As they must know from doing business in other states with concealed carry laws, there is no evidence that shows increased dangers to businesses because of concealed carry, yet many studies prove the benefits.

Please use the Carter Lumber's website to express your approval of their decision! Corporate Customer service can be reached at 330.673.6100, or by writing:

Carter Lumber
601 Tallmadge Rd.
Kent, OH 44240

To date, at least 10 major national chains and approximately 60 other businesses have removed their signs and opened their doors to Ohio Concealed Handgun License-holders.

To view the rapidly expanding list of businesses which have removed signs banning concealed handgun license-holders from their businesses, click here.

To view the list of businesses which have registered as "Safe Alternatives" - places where CCW is not only allowed, but welcomed, click here.

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