Youngstown Vindicator publishes opposing letters to the editor

On Sunday, March 16, the Youngstown Vindicator printed two opposing letters to the editor regarding the concealed carry reform issue.

The first letter is from OFCC's Mahoning County coordinator, Rick Kaleda. The Vindicator also reprinted "Million" Mom March coordinator Lori O'Neill's letter of warning to Ohio businesses, which we debunked after it's original printing in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Click on the "Read More..." link below to read Rick's letter in it's entirety (it is, as of yet, unavailable on the Vindicator's site).

Troopers against right-to-arms laws base arguements on easily debunked myths

The Ohio House of Representatives has passed HB12 by a veto-proof majority. This bill, similar to the one passed last legislative session (then later twisted beyond recognition by the Senate) would allow Ohioans the right to carry concealed weapons in an effort to protect themselves.

The bill once again will go to the Ohio Senate for consideration, and possibly some amendments.

The governor has promised to oppose any such legislation that does not have the approval of "law enforcement", specifically the FOP and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The state patrol, answering ultimately to the governor himself, are serving as his human shield against supporting the measure.

The patrol has stated that the safety of their officers would be jeopardized by such legislation, and is lobbying that loaded weapons not be permitted in motor vehicles. Such a position can only be argued if it is assumed that the world is flat, and that if you leave Ohio in any direction, you fall off the edge.

Every state that borders Ohio allows law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons in their cars once they have obtained such a permit. Incidents of law-abiding, permit-holding citizens attacking officers are nonexistent.

Nowhere (in the many years these states or any others allowing this freedom) have I been able to find record a police officer having so much as been fired upon, let alone injured by, a permit-holding citizen's firearm.

As a matter of fact, several states allowing permit-holding citizens to carry a weapon to protect themselves publicly do not require a U.S. citizen to possess a permit to carry within the car, as it is legally considered an "extension of their home".

Any trooper will tell you he already approaches every car as if there is an armed threat inside. Anyone who has ever seen them approach a car will likely recall witnessing this, and for good reason. They follow the most protected route to the car, hand near weapon, prepared for anything. A criminal may be waiting, even today, CCW law or not.

The law-abiding citizen, once legally armed, will present no greater threat to the officer than today. This legislation will not create criminals. The criminals already exists, in spite of any laws.

A very important thought to keep in mind when hearing or considering these arguments (especially for the folks of the Mahoning Valley, since we're so close), is has [an officer been attacked by a permit-holder at a traffic stop] even once in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has had its version of what Ohio is proposing for many years. Pennsylvania also extends the right to carry to many Ohioans who apply to carry firearms for personal protection while visiting.

As currently proposed, Ohioans would face much greater standards than our Pennsylvanian neighbors. Whether our own state police think we are less trustworthy than our neighbors seems clear.

The Taft administration was forced to show it's hand at the end of the 124th General Assembly. Restriction after restriction was added to the bill to please them. But the bar continued to be raised. With this fresh in mind, hopefully the Senate will follow the House's lead, think of Ohioans' rights first, and push for a similar veto-proof majority.

Mahoning County coordinator
Ohioans For Concealed Carry

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