Two Ohio newspapers join gun control extremists; OFCC wants loophole closed too

The "Million" Mom March, which is a front for the Brady Campaign, which is a front for Handgun Control Inc., has announced that two Ohio newspapers have decided to "stop running classified ads for handguns or assault weapons, except from federally licensed firearms dealers who must make sure a background check is done on the buyer."

The Sandusky Register and Willoughby News-Herald have decided that law-abiding citizens, wishing to sell or buy a completely legal product, will be refused as customers if they wish to place a classified ad.

One wonders if, since automobiles kill many times more people than guns, they also plan to reject classified ads from individuals trying to sell their automobiles.

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Gary Mehalik, director of communications for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said the problems he perceives with the campaign extend beyond its Second Amendment implications.

"The mischaracterized 'gun show loophole' is now being called a 'classified gun ad loophole,' and soon, it will be a 'free commerce loophole' because what's being proposed is the cessation of the American way of doing business."

Mehalik also wondered why the campaign is not targeting other products routinely offered for private sale through classified ads.

"The fact of the matter is: Every day, newspapers carry advertisements for products and services that criminals might misuse," he continued. "They sell 'getaway cars' in the used car section, 'arson tools' in the sports section, whether it be lighters or gasoline or waterproof matches for sportsmen. There's lots of stuff that can be misused."

The reason those products aren't being targeted is because cars and fires are "politically correct," while guns are not.

Gun control extremists are famous for creating imaginary "loopholes" to be afraid of. We hear of a supposed "gunshow loophole", and now a "newspaper or classified ad loophole". OFCC would like to call for the closing of a loophole too, and closing this one will actually save lives, instead of just making a few extremists feel better:

Upon returning to Columbus next month, Senate President Doug White should act immediately to appoint conferees to a committee on HB12, with full authority to remove Bob Taft's "Carjacker protection loophole", that would allow more Ohioans to be senselessly shot in the streets.

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