OH 'justice' system frees victimizers & (in one case) jails defenseless victim

Those who are interested in Ohio's criminal justice system travails, and who have a heart for the ever-growing statewide victim list, would have found several recent stories in various Ohio newspapers to be very disheartening - especially when put together.

On September 24, the Dayton Daily News informed it's readers that a South Lebanon man had been freed from prison after nearly three years for shooting a neighbor in January 2000.

On October 2, that same newspaper reported that "Mama" Madge" Huddleson's suspected killer had been arrested. The perpetrator? Her son, a man who had been in and out of prison many times, most recently for two separate parole violations. Despite his record, he was paroled yet again just months before he allegedly stabbed his defenseless 68-year old mother to death because she would not give him money.

Meanwhile in Cincinnati, headlines told of a Common Pleas Court Judge who had sent an alleged rape victim to jail because she was afraid to testify against her accuser, for fear of future attack (the judge also freed the man suspected of attacking her). After five days in jail, the rape victim finally relented and was released. This story gained nationwide attention in the media, and spawned numerous stories about the plight of victims and witnesses in Ohio, scared to testify for fear of attack.

Later that same week, a prosecutor in Seneca County announced that he would once again try to convict another rape victim who had attempted to exercise her so-called right to an affirmative defense to a charge of carrying a concealed firearm to avoid future attack. In her first trial, a judge found the law that the prosecutor was using against her unconstitutional. Now that the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the ban on concealed carry, Kenneth Egbert Jr. decided to once again try to make a criminal of this victim.

How sick.

Ohio's criminal justice system constantly frees criminals who commit more crimes, victimize more defenseless citizens, and return to prison for another short stint.

Meanwhile, some of Ohio's legislators are fighting to make sure that their constituents remain defenseless, and that those who have witnessed the commission of crimes (or have themselves been attacked) so fear being victimized that they are afraid to come forward (again, because they are rendered defenseless by Ohio law).

Ohio's defenseless citizens shouldn't be all THAT concerned about all this though, should they? After all, an Oct. 3 Cincinnati Enquirer story announced that Ohioans can now purchase insurance to cover being carjacked, kidnapped, stalked, having their homes invaded, etc.

One hopes they live through the attack, so they can to collect the benefits.

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