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Listen to podcasts of Firearms Forum, hosted by BFA Chairman Jim Irvine, covering topics such as concealed carry, self-defense, hunting, sport shooting, gun collecting, gunsmithing, the Second Amendment, and more.

This show is no longer on the radio. But you are free to listen to these podcasts at your leisure. Click on a date below to listen to our podcast. Or right click and download the show to your computer.

  • November 15, 2009 (Guests: John Benner, President and chief instructor, Tactical Defense Institute; Ron Borsch, Manager, SEALE (South East Area Law Enforcement) Regional Training Academy)
  • November 8, 2009 (Guest: President of United States Concealed Carry Association)
  • November 1, 2009 (Guests: Ed Corsi, Director of Geauga Constitutional Council; Jeanette Moll, U.S. Congressional candidate)
  • October 25, 2009 (Guest: Tracy Cahill, competitive high school shooter)
  • October 18, 2009
  • October 11, 2009
  • October 4, 2009
  • September 27, 2009 (Guests: (Former Graham Co., AZ) Sheriff Richard Mack; Buckeye Firearms Foundation Treasurer Gerard Valentino)
  • September 20, 2009 (Guests: Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation; Dave Kenik, Armed Response video series producer)
  • September 13, 2009
  • September 06, 2009 (Guest: Tim Phillips, HOPE Training)
  • August 30, 2009 (Guest: Greg Lawson, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance)
  • August 23, 2009 (Guests: Wayne Blank, NRA-EVC & certified training counselor; Brian Horton, CHL-holder; Walton Hills Mayor Marlene Anielski)
  • August 16, 2009 (Guests: Mark Craighead, Crossbreed Holsters; Dave Dlvak, Ithaca Guns)
  • August 2, 2009 (Guests: Linda Walker, Buckeye Firearms Association Central Ohio Chair; Nikki Goeser, restaurant carry advocate)
  • July 26, 2009 (Guest: Jim Taylor, author of American Gun Culture: Collectors, Shows and the Story of the Gun)
  • July 19, 2009 (Guest: Brian Ledford)
  • July 12, 2009 (Guests: Matt Groom, Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc.; John Longenecker, Contrast Media Press
  • July 5, 2009 (Guests: Alan Korwin, Owner/operator of Bloomfield Press; Matt Bianco, Ohio Liberty Council; Andrew Edwards, Pastor of Northwest Baptist Church)
  • June 28, 2009 (Guests: Richard Cordray, Ohio Attorney General; Massad Ayoob, Director of Lethal Force Institute, Inc.; John Pierce, co-founder and spokesman of Sgt. Tommy Shoulders, Cleveland Police Department)
  • June 21, 2009 (Guests: Don Myers, host of WHK's "Call the Cops"; Mike Polensek, Cleveland City Council)
  • June 14, 2009
  • June 7, 2009 (Guests: Danny Bubp, State Representative; Joy Ferkel, firearms and concealed carry instructor )
  • May 31, 2009 (Guest: Ramon Santini, Buckeye Firearms Association Southwest Ohio volunteer)
  • May 24, 2009 (Guests: Breda, pro-gun blogger at The Breda Fallacy; Rick Jones, Buckeye Firearms Association southern Ohio Region Leader)
  • May 17, 2009 (Guests: John Longenecker, author of "Safe Streets In The Nationwide Concealed Carry of Handguns"; Jim Creamer, Deputy Director of the Sig Sauer Academy)
  • May 10, 2009 (Guest: Howard Nemerov, author of "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn't It Working?")
  • May 3, 2009
  • April 26, 2009 (Guests: Sergeant Brian Johnston, Geauga Co. Sheriff's Office; Leon Laylagian, President of Passenger Cargo Security Group)
  • April 19, 2009 (Guests: Matthew Bracken, novelist; Joe Kalil, Owner of Defensive Handgun Training LLC)
  • April 12, 2009 (Guest: Summit County Councilwoman Gloria Rodgers)
  • April 5, 2009 (Co-host: Mark Walters, "The Ordinary Guy" columnist; Guest: Keith Campbell, Commence Firearms Training Academy; John Hayes, Owner of Your Pizza Shop, Akron)
  • March 29, 2009 (Co-host: Mark Walters, "The Ordinary Guy" columnist; Guests: Ed Corsi, Director of Geauga Constitutional Council; Rob Pincus, Co-host of Outdoor Channel's "The Best Defense"
  • March 22, 2009 (Co-host: Mark Walters, "The Ordinary Guy" columnist; Guest: Dave Workman, Senior Editor of GunWeek Magazine
  • March 15, 2009 (Guests: Larry Moore, Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Southwest Region Leader; Steve Loos, Buckeye Firearms Central Ohio Region Leader
  • March 8, 2009 (Co-host: Mark Walters, "The Ordinary Guy" columnist; Guest: John Benner, president and lead instructor at Tactical Defense Institute)
  • March 1, 2009 (Co-host: Mark Walters, "The Ordinary Guy" columnist; Guest: Alan Korwin, Owner/operator of Bloomfield Press)
  • February 22, 2009 (Guests: Lee Ann Tarducci, Second Amendment Sisters Director of Operations; Lt. Col Bob Brown, NRA Board Member/ Founder & publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine)
  • February 15, 2009 (Co-host: Mark Walters, "The Ordinary Guy" columnist; Guest: Massad Ayoob, Director of Lethal Force Institute, Inc.)
  • February 8, 2009 (Guests: Ken Hanson, Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Legislative Chair; Scott Kapas, Author of the Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States; Ken Jorgenson, Shooting Sports and Media Relations Coordinator - Sturm, Ruger & Co.)
  • February 1, 2009 (Guests: Lisa Irvine, Female gun owner; David Kopel, Research Director - Independence Institute)
  • January 25, 2009 (Co-host: Mark Walters, "The Ordinary Guy" columnist; Guest: Dane vonBreichenruchardt, President - United States Bill of Rights Foundation)
  • January 18, 2009 (Guests: Ken Wilson, cowboy action shooting, Steve Loos, Buckeye Firearms Central Ohio Region Leader)
  • January 11, 2009 (Guests: Eric Tripp, NRA's Eddie Eagle; Sergeant Tim Holt, Grand River Police Department)
  • January 4, 2009 (Guests: Jim Wallace, Gun Owners Action League; Stephen Feltoon, Advocate for concealed carry on college campuses)
  • December 28, 2008 (Guest: Steve Loos, Buckeye Firearms Central Ohio Region Leader)
  • December 21, 2008 (Guests: Chad Baus, Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Vice Chairman; Howard Nemerov, author of Four Hundred Years Of Gun Control...Why Isn't It Working?; Keith Campbell, Commence Firearms Training Academy)
  • December 14, 2008 (Guests: State Rep. Danny Bubp; David Johnson, Ohio Rifle & Pistol Assoc.)
  • December 7, 2008 (Guests: Aaron Zellman, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership; Philip VanCleve, Virginia Citizens Defense League)
  • November 30, 2008 (Guests: John Benner, Tactical Defense Institute; John Longenecker, Contrast Media Press)
  • November 23, 2008 (Guests: Linda Walker, Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Central Ohio Chair; stalking victim and CHL-holder Katie [last name confidential])
  • November 16, 2008 (Guests: Dr. Barry Gordon; Tim Brandt, Federal Commercial Products)
  • November 9, 2008 (Guests: Joe Pittenger, Ohio Gun Collectors Assoc.; Larry Moore, Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Southwest Region Leader)
  • November 2, 2008 (Guests: Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lungberg-Stratton; State Rep. Tom Patton; State Sen. Jason Wilson; Matt Patton, candidate for State Rep.; Jim Trakas, candidate for U.S. Congress; State Rep. Josh Mandell)
  • October 26, 2008 (Guests: Diane Donnett, Stonewall Range; Jay Reda, host of WHK's Inside the Great Outdoors; Gordon Hutchinson, author of The New Orleans Gun Grab; Keith Campbell, Commence Firearms Training Academy; Jim Owens, OPOTA Instructor)

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