You can defend yourself against physical attack. But what about the legal attack that follows?

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You're sitting in your home relaxing on a quiet evening. Suddenly, you hear a crash. It sounds like a window being broken. Then you hear footsteps inside your house.

Someone has broken in and they're moving closer. You grab the gun you keep in the nightstand. Seconds later, a man appears at your bedroom door. He lunges at you with a knife.

You fire and the man drops to the floor.

Now what? You know you had no choice, but will the police see it that way? What will you say? What should you NOT say? Will you be arrested? Is there an aggressive prosecutor in your area who doesn't like people owning guns? Can you afford a lawyer if charges are brought against you?

You feel completely alone and helpless. You survived the physical attack and protected yourself and your family, but how will you survive the aftermath?

It happens all the time. Honest, law-abiding citizens find themselves thrust into a terrifying life-or-death situation. And even though the law in most places allows you to defend yourself, every case is determined by the specifics of each individual situation.

One wrong word. One bit of evidence that doesn't look right to investigators. And you can find yourself under arrest facing criminal and civil prosecution.

Bottom line: You need someone on your side BEFORE it happens, because you won't have time after the fact. The legal and financial penalties could destroy your life.

There are two calls you need to make when you find yourself in this situation. Your first call should be to 911. Your second call should be to Second Call Defense.

As a member of Second Call Defense, you are ready to handle any self defense situation. You can call an Emergency Legal Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance and get immediate access to a comprehensive set of legal and financial benefits.

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