Ohio Pro-Gun Voter Guide

Voting is one of the best ways to protect your gun rights. Make sure you're registered, know the issues and candidates, find your polling location, and VOTE!

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2019 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements


As a means of historical record, we will continue to provide the list of Buckeye Firearms Association PAC grades and endorsements of candidates in past election cycles.

2018 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements

----- > No Blue Wave in Ohio - Pro Gun Candidates Carry Election Day 2018!

2017 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements
2016 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements

----- > Buckeye Firearms Association PAC 2016 Endorsees Overwhelmingly Successful on Election Day

2015 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements
2014 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements

----- > Buckeye Firearms Association PAC endorsees have bellwether Election Day

2013 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements
2012 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements

----- > A Dark Day for Freedom in Washington

2010 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements

----- > Election 2010: Pro-gun rights voters play major roll in statewide contests

2009 BFA-PAC Endorsements
2008 BFA-PAC Endorsements

----- > 2008 Election Results: Second Amendment impact

2007 BFA-PAC Endorsements
2006 BFA-PAC Endorsements


2005 BFA-PAC Endorsements

----- > 2005 Election Analysis

2004 OFCC-PAC Endorsements

----- > 2004 Election Results and Analysis

2003 OFCC-PAC Endorsements
2002 OFCC-PAC Endorsements

----- > 2002 Election Results and Analysis

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