Primary 2004

The fight to restore Ohioans' right to self-defense was not an easy one. Many important provisions were left out, and many more harmful provisions were inserted, in order to get a law. With your contributions and support, we will be able to ensure that future Ohio legislatures protect and improve upon Ohio's new concealed carry law.

For the Ohio primary election, you may vote a Republican, a Democrat, or a non-partisan ballot. You must choose which party’s elections you want to vote in – you can not vote in both. We have grouped the tables in the voter guide by party to assist you.

Democrat ballot:

In the March 2, 2004 primary elections, we ENDORSE the following Democrat candidates:

District Office Name Party
SD30 State Senate Charlie Wilson Democrat WIN!
HD15 State Representative Mickey Mottl Democrat
HD41 State Representative Clark Hosick Democrat
HD52 State Representative Mary Cirelli Democrat

Republican ballot:

In the March 2, 2004 primary elections, we ENDORSE the following Republican candidates:

District Office Name Party
SD14 State Senate Jean Schmidt Republican
SD24 State Senate Don Sopka Republican
HD07 State Representative Steve Pressman Republican
HD20 State Representative Jim McGregor Republican WIN!
HD29 State Representative Louis Blessing Republican WIN!
HD45 State Representative Don Longshore Republican WIN!
HD56 State Representative Daniel Williamson Republican WIN!
HD57 State Representative Earl J. Martin Republican WIN!
HD72 State Representative David Evans Republican WIN!
HD84 State Representative Chris Widener Republican WIN!
HD91 State Representative Ron Hood Republican WIN!
HD96 State Representative Jim Aslanides Republican WIN!
SD12 Appellate Judge Suzanne Wynn Republican
SD01 State Central Committee Steve Lankenau Republican
SD01 State Central Committee Trudy Wachtmann Republican
SD14 State Central Committee John Becker Republican WIN!

Non-partisan ballot:

In the March 2, 2004 primary elections, we ENDORSE the following Independent candidate:

District Office Name Party
HD15 State Representative Freddie Moore Independent WIN!

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