Health and Safety for Gun Owners

Since its founding, Buckeye Firearms Association has been concerned with health and safety. That's why we staunchly defend Second Amendment rights, espeically the right of self defense, as well as promote a variety of programs, resources, and best practices for the benefit of all gun owners and their families.

Gun Safety

4 Key Gun Safety Rules - The basic rules you MUST follow, plus a video by Clint Smith with stories of people who violated these rules and paid the price.

Store It Safe - A program of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, in partnership with Buckeye Firearms Association and others, to encourage safe storage of firearms and educate families about safety issues.

Gun Safety at Home - Simple ideas to enhance gun safety in a home with kids.

Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program - NRA gun accident prevention program to help you teach Pre-K through 4th graders what to do if they ever come across a gun.

Project ChildSafe - Program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation to promote firearm safety and education, including fact sheets, quizzes, checklists, videos and other safety resources.

Hearing Safety

The Science of Hearing Protection - A primer on how sound levels are measured, how loud noise can permanently damage hearing, and how to protect your hearing with inexpensive ear plugs and muffs.

Suicide Prevention

Gun Shop Project - Protecting your family and friends involves more than keeping them safe from accident or attack. It also involves being aware of the warning signs of suicide and the steps to prevent it.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - (1-800-273-8255) Free and confidential 24/7 support for people in distress, plus prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.

Safer Homes - Program sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation to reduce deaths from suicide that is designed to be user-friendly for the firearms-owning public.

Pro Gun Doctors - Referral service that connects patients with healthcare providers who respect their Second Amendment rights and who won’t engage in anti-gun activism in the patient exam room. More Info.

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