Call Talk Radio

Talk radio reaches millions of Americans and offers a powerful forum for expressing your pro-gun views and influencing voters.

Calling conservative talk radio lets you remind listeners of important gun issues. Calling liberal talk radio lets you counter uneducated and biased viewpoints. Each is important in the fight for the hearts and minds of your fellow citizens.

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Tips for calling talk radio shows

Call local shows. If you want to try to get on Rush Limbaugh or other national shows, give it a try. But you'll probably have a lot more luck calling local shows. This is where you can have the most influence with gun rights, since so much gun politics is on the state or local level.

Prepare your comments. You shouldn't read your remarks, but you should know what you're going to say before you say it. Just write down two or three quick talking points you can refer to during the call.

Call early. Popular shows have more callers than they can handle. If you don't get in early, you probably won't get in at all. If you get a busy signal, call again.

Don't call while you're driving. You'll either wreck or get distracted and say something stupid. Pull over before you dial or call from your home or office.

Convince the call screener. Before you get on the air, you'll have to prove your comments fit the program and that you have something interesting to say. You may be asked for your name, location, phone number, and call topic. The screener will be in a hurry, so keep it short and to-the-point.

State your point briefly. If you're lucky enough to get on the air, don't waste time fawning over the host or telling a long story. Say what you have to say clearly and directly.

Hold your ground. If the host interrupts, firmly and politely say, "May I please finish my point?" If the host tries to take you off-point, becomes aggressive, or insults you, stay calm and restate your point. Rude behavior by the host means you've hit a nerve.

Stay calm and polite. You won't impress anyone by attacking the host. Don't try to "win" an argument. Your goal is to air your opinion for listeners or ask a provocative question.

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