Ohio CCW Information Center

This Ohio CCW Information Center provides basic concealed carry reference material for Ohio Concealed Handgun License applicants and holders.

NOTE: As of June 13, 2022, when Ohio enacted permitless carry, a license is optional for a concealed handgun. Click here for details on permitless carry in Ohio.

  • National Association of Attorneys General - Looking for an Attorney General in another state? This is a list of every state's Attorney General, along with a bio, contact information, and link to their website.
  • Find a CCW instructor - This is our database of Ohio CCW instructors and firearm classes. Search by Keyword, Distance from your home ZIP Code, County, or any combination.
  • Concealed Carry Manual - This booklet, which summarizes Ohio’s concealed handgun law, is required reading for all applicants for a concealed handgun license.
  • Ohio CCW Facts - Here's a quick reference for gun safety rules, motor vehicle carry, forbidden carry zones, and more.
  • Ohio Gun and CCW Laws - Links to the key sections of Ohio law that are related to guns and concealed carry.
  • ATF Firearms Information - The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives provides extensive information on federal regulations.
  • Second Call Defense - A membership organization that offers complete legal protection for armed self defense - recommended by Buckeye Firearms Association.
  • CCW Wallet Cards - These handy cards provide essential information for carrying a concealed handgun in Ohio.
  • How to spot a concealed handgun - This detailed illustration, titled Spotting a Hidden Handgun, explains some of the visual cues that reveal when someone is carrying a handgun.
  • Christianity, Guns and Self-Defense - Can you think of yourself as a survivor rather than a victim if it means thinking of yourself as a potential killer? This question goes to the heart of our core beliefs as Christians.
  • Forming a Church Safety Team - This is a discussion about why church security is important in the age of mass murder and how you can form a volunteer security team in your church.

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