Ohio Senate 2018

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According to our candidate selection criterion, to be considered for grading and/or endorsement in a general election, the candidate individually must show that they have run for public office before and received at least 10% of the votes cast in that race, or the party the candidate is running to represent must have received at least 10% of the vote in a statewide general election race in the past three cycles.

NOTE: When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent or an incumbent with no votes on our issue can earn is Aq.

The following Buckeye Firearms Association PAC grades and endorsements are for the 2018 general election:

District/ County Office Name/Party BFA-PAC Grade BFA-PAC Endorsement
1 Ohio Senate Rob McColley (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
1 Ohio Senate Adam Pappin (D) ??
3 Ohio Senate Anne Gonzales (R) A ENDORSED
3 Ohio Senate Tina Maharath (D) B Win
5 Ohio Senate Stephen Huffman (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
5 Ohio Senate Paul Bradley (D) ??
7 Ohio Senate Steve Wilson (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
7 Ohio Senate Sara Bitter (D) ??
9 Ohio Senate Tom Chandler (R) ??
9 Ohio Senate Cicil Thomas (D) C- Win
11 Ohio Senate Ernie McCarthy (R) ??
11 Ohio Senate Teresa Fedor (D) C Win
13 Ohio Senate Nathan Manning (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
13 Ohio Senate Sharon Sweda (D) ??
15 Ohio Senate Jordan Garcea (R) ??
15 Ohio Senate Hearcel Craig (D) D Win
17 Ohio Senate Bob Peterson (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
17 Ohio Senate Scott Dailey (D) ??
19 Ohio Senate Andrew Brenner (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
19 Ohio Senate Louise Valentine (D) ??
21 Ohio Senate Thomas Pekarek (R) ??
21 Ohio Senate Sandra Williams (D) D Win
23 Ohio Senate Nickie Antonio (D) F Win
23 Ohio Senate Steve Flores (R) ??
25 Ohio Senate William J. Faehnrich (R) ??
25 Ohio Senate Kenny Yuko (D) B- Win
27 Ohio Senate Kristina Roegner (R) A+ ENDORSED WIN!
27 Ohio Senate Adam Van Ho (D) ??
29 Ohio Senate Kirk Schuring (R) A- ENDORSED WIN!
29 Ohio Senate Lauren Friedman (D) ??
31 Ohio Senate Jay Hottinger (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
31 Ohio Senate Melinda Miller (D) ??
33 Ohio Senate Michael Rulli (R) ?? Win
33 Ohio Senate John Boccieri (D) C

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