Primary 2020

For the Ohio primary election, you must choose which party's elections you want to vote in - you can not vote in more than one. We have grouped the tables in the voter guide by party to assist you.

NOTE: The endorsement committee focused on contested primary races because voters are given a choice in those races. When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent can earn is Aq.

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC endorsements are focused primarily on state-level races. We also endorse in some local races. Buckeye Firearms Association PAC does not endorse in all federal office elections. (For federal NRA-PVF endorsements, click here.) We may issue endorsements to candidates for federal office that we have endorsed in prior elections or a candidate we have worked with on Second Amendment issues. Buckeye Firearms Association also reserves the right to address any political race with such importance, we feel compelled to endorse.

According to our candidate selection criterion, to be considered for grading and/or endorsement in a general election, the candidate individually must show that they have run for public office before and received at least 10% of the votes cast in that race, or the party the candidate is running to represent must have received at least 10% of the vote in a statewide general election race in the past 3 cycles.

Please help spread the word and encourage your friends and family to vote their gun rights freedoms first!

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NOTE: These are grades primarily for contested primary races. More grades will be posted in the general election.

Democrat Ballot:

Office District Name Grade
Ohio House 9 Janine Boyd D  
Ohio House 9 Vincent Stokes II Cq  
Ohio House 10 J. Allen Burger Dq  
Ohio House 10 Terrence Upchurch ??  
Ohio House 12 Juanita Brent ??  
Ohio House 12 Phyllis Peterson ??  
Ohio House 12 Isaac Powell ??  
Ohio House 12 Felicia Washington Ross ??  
Ohio House 15 Jeffrey Crossman ??  
Ohio House 15 Daniel Kilgore Dq  
Ohio House 16 Joe Romano Dq  
Ohio House 16 Monique Smith ??  
Ohio House 17 Al Miller ??  
Ohio House 17 Ali Ridwan ??  
Ohio House 22 Kashi Adhikari ??  
Ohio House 22 David Leland D  
Ohio House 25 Nick Bankston ??  
Ohio House 25 Mohamud Jama ??  
Ohio House 25 Dontavius Jarrells ??  
Ohio House 25 Gary Josephson ??  
Ohio House 25 Mayo Makinde ??  
Ohio House 25 Kofi Nsia-Pepra ??  
Ohio House 25 Tiffany White ??  
Ohio House 32 Catherine Ingram D  
Ohio House 32 Dadrien Washington Cq  
Ohio House 33 Sedrick Denson ??  
Ohio House 33 Terence  Gragston ??  
Ohio House 36 A.J. Harris ??  
Ohio House 36 Matt Shaughnessy ??  
Ohio House 39 Willis Blackshear Jr. ??  
Ohio House 39 Walter Hickman Jr. Bq ENDORSED
Ohio House 39 Jo'el Thomas-Jones ??  
Ohio House 59 Chris Stanley ??  
Ohio House 59 Chuckie Denison III ??  
Ohio House 63 Werner Lange ??  
Ohio House 63 Barry Profato ??  
Ohio House 63 Gil Blair ??  
Ohio House 96 Charlie DiPalma ??  
Ohio House 96 Richard Olivito ??  
Ohio Senate 2 Joel O'Dorisio ??  
Ohio Senate 2 Reem Subei ??  
Ohio Senate 6 Mark Fogel ??  
Ohio Senate 6 Albert  Griggs Jr. ??  
Ohio Senate 16 Justin Adkins D  
Ohio Senate 16 Mark Bailey ??  
Ohio Senate 16 Eric Connelly ??  
Ohio Senate 16 Troy Doucet ??  
Ohio Senate 16 Crystal Lett ??  


Libertarian Ballot:

Office District Name Grade  
U.S. Congress 13 Michael Fricke Bq  


Republican Ballot:

Office District Name Grade
Ohio House 1 Scott Wiggam A+ ENDORSED
Ohio House 1 Jason Wetz Aq  
Ohio House 2 Marilyn John Aq  
Ohio House 2 Nathan Martin Aq  
Ohio House 6 Ed Hargate ??  
Ohio House 6 Shay Wawkins ??  
Ohio House 13 Daniel Harrington Cq  
Ohio House 13 Richard Morckel Bq  
Ohio House 13 Duane Hennon Bq  
Ohio House 14 Lynn McMahan ??  
Ohio House 14 Mark Pitrone Aq  
Ohio House 17 Timothy Haske ??  
Ohio House 17 John Rutan Cq  
Ohio House 42 Jacob Stubbs ??  
Ohio House 42 Tom Young Aq ENDORSED
Ohio House 43 Rodney Creech Aq ENDORSED
Ohio House 43 J. Todd Smith A Droppd Out
Ohio House 52 Jennifer Gross Aq  
Ohio House 52 Mark Welch Aq  
Ohio House 53 Diane Mullins III ??  
Ohio House 53 Jeffrey Wellbaum ??  
Ohio House 53 Thomas Hall Aq  
Ohio House 53 Brett Guido Bq  
Ohio House 65 Dillon Blevins ??  
Ohio House 65 Jean Schmidt A+ ENDORSED
Ohio House 65 Joe Dills Bq  
Ohio House 66 Adam Bird Aq  
Ohio House 66 Allen Freeman Aq  
Ohio House 66 Nick Owens Bq  
Ohio House 70 Darrell Kick A ENDORSED
Ohio House 70 Terry Robertson Aq  
Ohio House 71 Thaddeus Claggett Aq  
Ohio House 71 Mark Fraizer Aq  
Ohio House 73 John Broughton Aq  
Ohio House 73 Brian Lampton Aq  
Ohio House 76 Frank Hall Cq  
Ohio House 76 Diane Grendell Aq ENDORSED
Ohio House 78 Aaron Adams ??  
Ohio House 78 Bobby  Mitchell Aq  
Ohio House 78 Brian Stewart Aq  
Ohio House 88 Gary Click Aq  
Ohio House 88 Ed Ollom Aq  
Ohio House 88 Shayne Thomas ??  
Ohio House 92 Caleb Johnson ??  
Ohio House 92 Mark Johnson Aq ENDORSED
Ohio House 93 Jason Stephens Aq ENDORSED
Ohio House 93 Jeff Halley ??  
Ohio Senate 4 Candice Keller A  
Ohio Senate 4 Lee Wong ??  
Ohio Senate 4 George Lang A ENDORSED
Ohio Senate 6 Niraj Antani A+ ENDORSED
Ohio Senate 6 Gregory Robinson ??  
Ohio Senate 6 Rachel Selby B  
Ohio Senate 14 David Uible B  
Ohio Senate 14 Terry Johnson A+ ENDORSED
Ohio Senate 22 Cory Branham Aq  
Ohio Senate 22 Ron Falconi C  
Ohio Senate 22 Timothy Hoven ??  
Ohio Senate 22 Michael Reynolds Aq  
Ohio Senate 22 Mark Romanchuk A ENDORSED
Ohio Senate 26 Melissa Ackison Aq  
Ohio Senate 26 William Reineke Jr. A ENDORSED
Ohio Senate 32 Sandra O'Brien Aq ENDORSED
Ohio Senate 32 Kenneth Polke ??  
Ohio Supreme Court Sharron Kennedy   ENDORSED
Ohio Supreme Court Judith French   ENDORSED
Court of Appeals  12 Bill Coley   ENDORSED
Prob./Juv. Court Geauga Tim Grendell   ENDORSED
U.S. Congress 3 Cleophus Dulaney Bq  
U.S. Congress 3 Mark Richardson Aq ENDORSED
U.S. Congress 9 Charles Barrett ??  
U.S. Congress 9 Tim Connors Bq  
U.S. Congress 9 Timothy Corrigan ??  
U.S. Congress 9 Rob Weber Aq  
U.S. Congress 10 Kathi Flanders Aq  
U.S. Congress 10 Michael Turner ??  
U.S. Congress 10 John Anderson ??  
U.S. Congress 12 Troy Balderson A ENDORSED
U.S. Congress 12 Timothy Day ??  
U.S. Congress 13 Christina Hagan A ENDORSED
U.S. Congress 13 Duane Hennen ??  
U.S. Congress 13 Louis Lyras ??  
U.S. Congress 13 Richard Morckel ??  
U.S. Congress 13 Jason Mormando ??  
U.S. Congress 13 Robert Santos Aq ENDORSED
U.S. Congress 13 Donald Truex Aq  
U.S. Congress 14 David Joyce A ENDORSED
U.S. Congress 14 Mark Pitrone Aq  
U.S. Congress 15 Shelby Hunt Aq  
U.S. Congress 15 Steve Stivers A  
CO Commissioner   Clermont    John Becker A+ ENDORSED
CO Commissioner   Clermont    Bonnie Batchler ??  
CO Commissioner   Clermont    John McGraw ??  
Sheriff Defiance    Douglas Engel ??  
Sheriff Defiance    Gary Plotts Aq  
Sheriff Fairfield    Michael Tussey Aq ENDORSED
Sheriff Fairfield    Alex Lape Bq  
Sheriff Licking    Randy Thorp ??  
Sheriff Licking    Randy Morton Bq  
Sheriff Miami    David Duchak ??  
Sheriff Miami    Paul Reece Aq  


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