Ohio Senate 2004

The effort to restore Ohioan's self-defense rights came at a great price. While Ohio's new concealed carry law is already saving lives, it has also proved to be faulty in several ways.

Calls for making legislative improvements to this law started almost the day it was passed. But know this - efforts to "reform the reform" will only be as successful as are efforts to achieve victory in the elections listed below. We must protect our "veto-proof" majority in the Ohio House, and we must change the makeup of the Ohio Senate, if we are to make improvements to this law anytime before Bob Taft leaves office in 2006.

In the 2004 elections, we ENDORSE the following candidates for Ohio Senate:

District Office Name Party
02 State Senate Randy Gardner Republican WIN!
04 State Senate Gary Cates Republican WIN!
08 State Senate Patty Clancy Republican WIN!
12 State Senate Jim Jordan Republican WIN!
14 State Senate Tom Niehaus Republican WIN!
18 State Senate Tim Grendell Republican WIN!
20 State Senate Joy Padgett Republican WIN!
22 State Senate Ron Amstutz Republican WIN!
30 State Senate Charlie Wilson Democrat WIN!
32 State Senate Marc Dann Democrat WIN!

In the following Ohio Senate districts, two proven Conceal Carry Reform supporters face one another. Since either candidate would be a pro-CCW vote, we recommend voters base their decision on other matters which are also important to them.

District Office Name Party
10 State Senate Steve Austria Republican WIN!
10 State Senate Charles Hart Democrat
28 State Senate Kimberly Zurz Democrat WIN!
28 State Senate Kevin Fowler Republican

The following candidates for Ohio Senate have exhibited some level of support for Concealed Carry Reform, and are considered to be the better choice in their district:

District Office Name Party
06 State Senate Jeff Jacobson Republican WIN!
12 State Senate Larry Mumper Republican WIN!
16 State Senate Steve Stivers Republican WIN!
24 State Senate Robert Matius Democrat

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