2002 Election Results and Analysis

By all accounts, Ohio's pro-Conceal Carry Reform citizens have a lot to be proud of this November 6, 2002.

Our first major action in this campaign was to recognize that the most important races in our state were those for the Ohio Supreme Court. In order to ensure that any CCW law receives a fair hearing in the high court, we knew we needed to return the Court to a Constitutional, rather than activist, majority. To that end, we endorsed Justice Evelyn Stratton for another term, and endorsed current Lt. Gov. Maureen O'Connor for an open seat. Both endorsed Supreme Court candidates won! This is a HUGE victory for Ohioans, and should help to end years of controversial 4-3 liberal decisions from the high court.

Our second action was to identify certain KEY RACES in the Ohio House and Senate. These were identified as close but must-win races, in order to protect the pro-CCW majority in the General Assembly. We won all but one must-win race!

Click here to view the complete KEY RACE results.

Finally, we sought to identify and endorse pro-CCW candidates throughout the state, and to return a pro-CCW majority to the General Assembly. The pro-CCW majority WILL return!

Click here to view complete results for our endorsed Ohio House candidates.

Click here to view complete results for our endorsed Ohio Senate candidates.

Thanks to your hard work, volunteerism and financial support, we can declare victory in the November 2002 elections. But, as is a lesson of life, the battle has been won, but there are more to fight before we win the war.

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