Ohio Senate 2002

Several Senate contests were hotly contested between pro-Conceal Carry Reform candidates and out-and-out anti-gunners.

In the 2002 election, we ENDORSE the following candidates for the Ohio Senate:

District Office Name Party
01 State Senate Lynn Wachtmann Republican WIN!
07 State Senate Robert Schuler Republican WIN!
11 State Senate Phillip Barbosa Republican
17 State Senate John Carey Republican WIN!
19 State Senate Bill Harris Republican WIN!
23 State Senate Richard Ress Republican
27 State Senate Kevin Coughlin Republican WIN!
29 State Senate Kirk Schuring Republican WIN!
31 State Senate Jay Hottinger Republican WIN!

The following candidates for Ohio Senate have expressed some level of support for Concealed Carry Reform, and were considered to be the better choice in their district:

District Office Name Party
13 State Senate Jeffry J. Armbruster Republican WIN!
15 State Senate Lorena Lacey Republican

The following candidates for Ohio Senate have consistently voted anti-CCW. In some cases, their major party opposition was also not clearly pro-CCW. In other cases, the candidates were unopposed by a major party in the upcoming election. Unfortunately, all three anti-CCW candidates will be returning to the Ohio Senate.

District Office Name Party
05 State Senate Tom Roberts Democrat WIN
09 State Senate Mark Mallory Democrat WIN
21 State Senate C. J. Prentiss Democrat WIN

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