2002 KEY RACE Election Results

These KEY RACES were identified as close races. With the exception of three*, they were considered must-win races, important to protect the pro-CCW majority in the General Assembly.

We won all but one must-win race!

Ohio Supreme Court

Justice Evelyn Lundberg-Stratton (R) - WIN!

Lt. Gov. Maureen O'Connor (R) - WIN!

Ohio Senate:

John Carey (R-17) - WIN!

Kevin Coughlin (R-27) - WIN!

Ohio House:

Steve Pressman (R-7)* - LOSS

Cassandra Wyssbrod (R-9)* - LOSS

Tom Patton (R-18) - WIN!

Linda Reidelbach (R-21) - WIN!

Mary Taylor (R-43) - WIN!

John Hagan (R-50) - WIN!

Daniel Williamson (R-56)* - LOSS

Jeff Manning (R-57) - WIN!

Terri Hauenstein (R-68) - LOSS

Also, in a House race hard targeted by anti-CCW foes, and latecomer to the KEY RACE list:

Jim Trakas (R-17) - WIN!

*These races were not identified as so-called must-win races for the CCW issue, but were candidates we deemed worthy of support, as these candidates sought to overcome heavy odds to unseat anti-CCW incumbents.

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