Ohio Senate 2012

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According to our candidate selection criterion, to be considered for grading and/or endorsement in a general election, the candidate individually must show that they have run for public office before and received at least 10% of the votes cast in that race, or the party the candidate is running to represent must have received at least 10% of the vote in a statewide general election race in the past three cycles.

Please help spread the word and encourage your friends and family to vote their gun rights freedoms first!

NOTE: When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent or an incumbent with no votes on our issue can earn is Aq.

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The following grades and endorsements are for the 2012 general election for Ohio Senate:

District Office Name/Party BFA Grade BFA Endorsement
SD01 State Senate Cliff Hite (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD02 State Senate Jeff Bretz (D) ??
SD02 State Senate Randy Gardner (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD04 State Senate Bill Coley (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD06 State Senate Peggy Lehner (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD06 State Senate Rick McKiddy (D) B
SD08 State Senate Richard Luken (D) ??
SD08 State Senate Bill Seitz (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD10 State Senate Jeff Robertson (D) B
SD10 State Senate Chris Widener (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD12 State Senate Keith Faber (R) A+ ENDORSED WIN!
SD14 State Senate Joseph Uecker (R) A+ ENDORSED WIN!
SD16 State Senate Jim Hughes (R) B+ ENDORSED WIN!
SD17 State Senate Bob Peterson (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD18 State Senate John Eklund (R) Aq ENDORSED WIN!
SD18 State Senate Jim Mueller (D) B
SD20 State Senate Troy Balderson (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD20 State Senate Teresa McGraner-Scarmack (D) D
SD22 State Senate Larry Obhof (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD22 State Senate James Riley (D) Aq
SD24 State Senate Jennifer Brady (D) A
SD24 State Senate Thomas Patton (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD26 State Senate Tanyce Addison (D) D
SD26 State Senate David Burke (R) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD28 State Senate Robert Roush (R) ??
SD28 State Senate Thomas Sawyer (D) C Win
SD30 State Senate Lou Gentile (D) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD30 State Senate Shane Thompson (R) Aq
SD32 State Senate Capri Cafaro (D) A ENDORSED WIN!
SD32 State Senate Nancy McArthur (R) Aq

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