Frisch's Inc. makes move to ban concealed carry in OH, IN, KY and TN

UPDATE: Frisch's Inc. signs coming down!

"I recently saw my first Ohio no-CCW sign. Golden Corral restaurant on Commons Blvd. in Beavercreek, OH has a sign at the entrance stating "Concealed weapons
not allowed on these premises", with a picture of a revolver with a red circle-and-slash over it."

"My wife and I went out to dinner last night at the Big Boy restaurant in Marysville. Prominently displayed on both the double entrance doors was a sign showing a pistol with a red circle and diagonal slash
through it. Below this was the caption, 'No weapons of any kind allowed on this property.'"

Emails like these, sent to OFCC from concerned consumers, are extremely appreciated. Upon receipt of this email, OFCC's Collin Rink made immediate contact with the upper management of Frisch's, Inc. Rink reports as follows:

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From: Collin Rink, OFCC Team Leader
Date: March 1, 2004

I spoke just a little while ago with the regional manager. He is taking
our concerns to the President of the company. I also spoke with VP of HR of Frisch's Restaurants Inc for about 20 minutes. Frisch's Inc. has decided to prohibit CCW in all stores. They have locations in OH, KY, IN and TN. The VP, Mike Conner, politely listened to my concerns, and said that he will revisit the issue with the VP of Operations.

All Golden Corral restaurants, in the SW Ohio region, are owned by Frisch's Inc, which also owns the Big Boy franchises. CCW has been permitted in their Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee stores.

If you want to make
your voice heard, visit and gently and matter-off-factly write that you are upset about the "no guns" signs.

Tell them how you plan on obtaining a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). If applicable, tell them you are a loyal customer and are especially fond of their
(insert your favorite dish here). Tell them that you are sorry that you won't be able to dine with them as long as the signs are up, because the signs make you feel unwelcome. Tell them that you hope the signs come down soon, so that you can return to Frisch's Big Boy or Golden Corral,
whichever one you patronize.

Folks, here is the most important thing...Be reasonable and let them know that you will return to dine with them once the signs are gone.

I'm not sure why they are up, as CCW is welcome in their KY and IN stores. Let's work together to change this. Anger and vitriol will not help here. Be nice and reasonable, and we will win. We were
already able to get this to the attention of the CEO of the company by being nice, so let's let them know we are upset, but will be back once the signs are down.

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