Primary 2018

For the Ohio primary election, you must choose which party's elections you want to vote in - you can not vote in more than one. We have grouped the tables in the voter guide by party to assist you.

NOTE: The endorsement committee focused on contested primary races, given that voters are given a choice in those races. When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent can earn is Aq.

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC endorsements are focused primarily on state-level races. We also endorse in some local races. Buckeye Firearms Association PAC does not endorse in all federal office elections. (For federal NRA-PVF endorsements, click here.) We may issue endorsements to candidates for federal office that we have endorsed in prior elections or a candidate we have worked with on Second Amendment issues. Buckeye Firearms Association also reserves the right to address any political race with such importance, we feel compelled to endorse.

According to our candidate selection criterion, to be considered for grading and/or endorsement in a general election, the candidate individually must show that they have run for public office before and received at least 10% of the votes cast in that race, or the party the candidate is running to represent must have received at least 10% of the vote in a statewide general election race in the past 3 cycles.

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Candidates with blanks in the grade column are still being reviewed.

Democrat ballot:

District Office Name BFA-PAC Grade BFA-PAC Endorsement
HD02 State Rep Amanda Spear ??
HD02 State Rep Lane Winters Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD09 State Rep Janine Boyd D Win
HD09 State Rep James Williams ??
HD13 State Rep Tom Bullock ??
HD13 State Rep Michael Skindell D Win
HD17 State Rep Adam Miller D Win
HD17 State Rep Ali Hagi Ridwan ??
HD39 State Rep Walter Hickman ??
HD39 State Rep Fred Strahorn D+ Win
SD9 State Senate Cecil Thomas D Win
SD9 State Senate Dale Mallory C-
SD11 State Senate Mike Ashford C-
SD11 State Senate Teresa Fedor C- Win
SD15 State Senate Hearcel Craig D Win
SD15 State Senate Jodi Howell ??
SD21 State Senate W. Lewis Britt ??
SD21 State Senate Jeff Johnson ??
SD21 State Senate Bill Patmon D
SD21 State Senate Sandra Williams C- Win
SD23 State Senate Nickie Antonio F Win
SD23 State Senate Martin Sweeney C
SD25 State Senate John Barnes C-
SD25 State Senate Kenny Yuko C+ Win

Republican ballot:

District Office Name BFA-PAC Grade BFA-PAC Endorsement
Ohio Governor/Lt. Governor Mike DeWine/Jon Husted A ENDORSED WIN!
Ohio Governor/ Lt. Governor Mary Taylor/Nathan Estruth A
Ohio Treasurer of State Sandy O'Brien B
Ohio Treasurer of State Robert Sprague A ENDORSED WIN!
HD06 State Rep Michael Canty C-
HD06 State Rep Jim Trakas A ENDORSED WIN!
HD16 State Rep Monique Boyd B
HD16 State Rep Dave Greenspan B WIN
HD19 State Rep Tim Barhorst Aq WIN
HD19 State Rep Chris Curry ??
HD19 State Rep Dave Ferguson Aq
HD21 State Rep Stu Harris B ENDORSED WIN!
HD21 State Rep Doug Smith ??
HD28 State Rep Jonathan Dever B WIN
HD28 State Rep Matthew Robinson ??
HD37 State Rep Mike Rasor Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD37 State Rep Craig Shubert ??
HD37 State Rep Dexter Vaughan Aq
HD42 State Rep Niraj Antani A ENDORSED WIN!
HD42 State Rep Sarah Clark ??
HD42 State Rep Marcus Rech B
HD43 State Rep Kenneth Henning Aq
HD43 State Rep Jeffrey Todd Smith Aq WIN
HD47 State Rep Derek Merrin A ENDORSED WIN!
HD47 State Rep Barbara Lang ??
HD50 State Rep Josh Hagan Aq ENDORSED
HD50 State Rep Reggie Stoltzfus B+ WIN
HD50 State Rep Jacob Urick ??
HD51 State Rep Sara Carruthers ?? Win
HD51 State Rep Greg Jolivette C
HD51 State Rep Wes Retherford A ENDORSED
HD61 State Rep Jamie Callender A ENDORSED WIN!
HD61 State Rep John Plecnik Aq
HD62 State Rep Daniel Kroger ??
HD62 State Rep Scott Lipps A ENDORSED WIN!
HD64 State Rep Randy Law A ENDORSED
HD64 State Rep Martha Yoder Aq WIN
HD65 State Rep John Becker A+ ENDORSED WIN!
HD65 State Rep Erin Neace ??
HD67 State Rep Kris Jordan A ENDORSE WIN!
HD67 State Rep Brian Lorenz Aq
HD67 State Rep Denise Martin C-
HD72 State Rep Kevin Black ??
HD72 State Rep Larry Householder A+ ENDORSED WIN!
HD73 State Rep Rick Perales A ENDORSED WIN!
HD73 State Rep Jocelyn Smith
HD78 State Rep Ron Hood A ENDORSED WIN!
HD78 State Rep Austin Reid ??
HD78 State Rep Andrew Smigelski ??
HD80 State Rep George Lovett ??
HD80 State Rep John O'Brien ??
HD80 State Rep Jena Powell Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD80 State Rep J.D. Winteregg ??
HD81 State Rep James Hoops A ENDORSED WIN!
HD81 State Rep Thomas Liebrecht B+
HD83 State Rep Cheryl Buckland ??
HD83 State Rep Jon Cross Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD84 State Rep Travis Faber Aq ENDORSED
HD84 State Rep Aaron Heilers ??
HD84 State Rep Susan Manchester B WIN
HD85 State Rep Rochiel Foulk ??
HD85 State Rep Justin Griffis ??
HD85 State Rep Joseph Ratermann ??
HD85 State Rep Nino Vitale A ENDORSED WIN!
HD86 State Rep Tracy Richardson Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD86 State Rep Robert Sammons ??
HD87 State Rep Riordan McClain B+ WIN
HD87 State Rep Steve Reinhard A ENDORSED
HD87 State Rep Doug Weisenauer ??
HD90 State Rep Brian Baldridge Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD90 State Rep Gina Collinsworth ??
HD90 State Rep Justin Pizzulli Aq
HD90 State Rep Scottie Powell ??
HD91 State Rep Beth Ellis Aq
HD91 State Rep Shane Wilkin Aq WIN
HD96 State Rep Bob Mazeroski ?? Win
HD96 State Rep Fiona Ruminski Aq ENDORSED
HD98 State Rep Mark Behrendt B
HD98 State Rep Shane Gunnoe B
HD98 State Rep Brett Hillyer Aq ENDORSED WIN
HD98 State Rep Larry Hawthorne ??
HD98 State Rep Greg Ress ??
SD01 State Senate Bob Barker ??
SD01 State Senate Craig Kupferberg ??
SD01 State Senate Rob McColley A ENDORSED WIN!
SD07 State Senate Brad Lamoreaux ??
SD07 State Senate Steve Wilson Aq ENDORSED WIN!
SD13 State Senate Nathan Manning A- ENDORSED WIN!
SD13 State Senate Ryan Sawyer ??
SD19 State Senate Andy Brenner A ENDORSED WIN!
SD19 State Senate Joel Spitzer B
SD31 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Jim Aslanides A+ ENDORSED
SD31 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Clifford Clore ??
SD31 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Douglas Wills ?? Win
SD31 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Betty Montgomery F Win
SD31 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Joy Padgett A+ ENDORSED
Lake County Common Pleas Judge Jeff Black ENDORSED
Lake County Common Pleas Judge Pat Condon Win
Lake County Common Pleas Judge Mike DeLeone
Meigs County Common Pleas Judge Christopher Tenoglia ENDORSED
Meigs County Common Pleas Judge Linda R. Warner Win
Greene County Commissioner Alan Anderson ??
Greene County Commissioner Richard “Dick” Gould A ENDORSED WIN!

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