General Election 2003

It would have been impossible to research every local race in the state of Ohio for an off-year election. But there were a few contests which piqued our interest, some because they are between pro-Conceal Carry Reform candidates and out-and-out liberal anti-gunners, and others because we wish to support pro-CCW candidates in positions that could one day lead them to the Statehouse or Governor's mansion.

In the 2003 election, we ENDORSE the following candidates:

Office Name Party
City of Akron Mayor Bryan Williams* Republican
Akron City Councilman, Ward Six Don Longshore** Republican
City of Norwood Law Director John Fenton*** Democrat
Colerain Township Clerk(Hamilton Co.) Heather Harlow**** Republican WIN!
Cincinnati City Council Sam Malone***** Republican WIN!

*Brian Williams is currently House District 41 and is term limited (end of 2003) He was our endorsee in November 2002, voted for HB274, HB12, and against concurrence with the Senate version.

**Don Longshore shares our desire to see a CCW Reform bill become law, and has been an active behind-the-scenes participant in various campaigns to elect pro-CCW candidates.

***John Fenton shares our desire to see a CCW Reform bill become law, and was a marcher in the first open carry "Defense Walk". He is currently an City Council person (Ward 4).

****Heather was on the original committee to draft the first CCW legislation put before the Ohio General Assembly in the early 1990s. She is currently a NRA instructor in Pistol, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety, and Refuse to be a Victim., and is on the board of Fairfield Sportsmen's Assoc.

*****Sam Malone is a veteran of the US Navy and a former golden gloves boxer. He has worked as a banker and a work force developments specialist. He organized the first "Stop the Violence" rally in Cincinnati, and is a proponent of legislative efforts to restore the right to choose to bear arms for self-defense.

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