Primary 2016

For the Ohio primary election, you must choose which party's elections you want to vote in - you can not vote in more than one. We have grouped the tables in the voter guide by party to assist you.

NOTE: The endorsement committee focused on contested primary races, given that voters are given a choice in those races. When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent can earn is Aq.

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC endorsements are focused primarily on state-level races. We also endorse in some local races. Buckeye Firearms Association PAC does not endorse in all federal office elections. (For federal NRA-PVF endorsements, click here.) We may issue endorsements to candidates for federal office that we have endorsed in prior elections or a candidate we have worked with on Second Amendment issues. Buckeye Firearms Association also reserves the right to address any political race with such importance, we feel compelled to endorse.

According to our candidate selection criterion, to be considered for grading and/or endorsement in a general election, the candidate individually must show that they have run for public office before and received at least 10% of the votes cast in that race, or the party the candidate is running to represent must have received at least 10% of the vote in a statewide general election race in the past 3 cycles.

Please help spread the word and encourage your friends and family to vote their gun rights freedoms first!

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Candidates with blanks in the grade column are still being reviewed.

Democrat ballot:

District Office Name BFA-PAC Grade BFA-PAC Endorsement
SD32 State Senate Sean O'Brien B WIN
SD32 State Senate Kristen Rock ??
HD12 State Rep John Barnes D Win
HD12 State Rep Jill Miller-Zimon D
HD26 State Rep Hearcel Craig D Win
HD26 State Rep Michael Loudermilk ??
HD58 State Rep Michele LePore-Hagan D Win
HD58 State Rep Michael O'Hara ??
HD63 State Rep Glenn Holmes ?? Win
HD63 State Rep Marianne James ??
HD63 State Rep Benjamin Kyle C
HD94 State Rep Sarah Grace ?? Win
HD94 State Rep Eddie Smith C
HD96 State Rep Jack Cera A ENDORSED WIN!
HD96 State Rep Patrick Murphy ??

Republican ballot:

District Office Name BFA-PAC Grade BFA-PAC Endorsement
SD04 State Senate Bill Coley A ENDORSED WIN!
SD04 State Senate Joseph Ebbing ??
SD04 State Senate Eric Gurr ??
SD04 State Senate Jeremiah York Aq
SD06 State Senate Peggy Lehner A ENDORSED WIN!
SD06 State Senate Barbara Temple Aq
SD10 State Senate Robert Hackett A ENDORSED WIN!
SD10 State Senate Brian Walton Aq
SD12 State Senate John Adams A
SD12 State Senate Matt Huffman A WIN
SD16 State Senate Stephanie Kunze A ENDORSED WIN!
SD16 State Senate Aaron Neumann ??
SD22 State Senate Janet Folger-Porter ??
SD22 State Senate Larry Obhof A+ ENDORSED WIN!
SD24 State Senate Nan Baker B
SD24 State Senate Matt Dolan A- WIN
SD24 State Senate Mike Dovilla A+ ENDORSED
SD32 State Senate Rob Allen Aq WIN
SD32 State Senate Randy Law A-
HD07 State Rep Jennifer Herold ??
HD07 State Rep Tom Patton A ENDORSED WIN!
HD20 State Rep Bobby Mitchell Aq
HD20 State Rep Lisa Schacht B WIN
HD27 State Rep Tom Brinkman A ENDORSED WIN!
HD27 State Rep Heidi Huber ??
HD40 State Rep Michael Henne A ENDORSED WIN!
HD40 State Rep Thomas McMasters ??
HD51 State Rep Courtney Combs A
HD51 State Rep Wes Retherford A ENDORSED WIN!
HD53 State Rep Candice Keller Aq WIN
HD53 State Rep Joe Mulligan Aq
HD57 State Rep Kathryn Frombaugh C
HD57 State Rep Timothy Opsitnik B+
HD57 State Rep Dick Stein Aq WIN
HD57 State Rep Lee Waldrup ??
HD59 State Rep Dan Manning Aq WIN
HD59 State Rep Jim Murphy Aq ENDORSED
HD62 State Rep Scott Lipps Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD62 State Rep Steve Muterspaw ??
HD62 State Rep Ray Warrick ??
HD64 State Rep Richard Hlaudy ??
HD64 State Rep Martha Yoder Aq ENDORSED WIN!
HD67 State Rep Andrew Brenner A ENDORSED WIN!
HD67 State Rep Daniel Lomeo ??
HD68 State Rep W. Myles Bancroft Aq
HD68 State Rep Rick Carfagna B WIN
HD68 State Rep Beth Lear A
HD68 State Rep Patrick Quinn Aq
HD68 State Rep Jason Rogers Aq
HD69 State Rep Steve Hambley A ENDORSED WIN!
HD69 State Rep Chris Sawicki ??
HD70 State Rep Steven Johnson ??
HD70 State Rep Darrell Kick ?? Win
HD70 State Rep Lisa Woods A ENDORSED
HD72 State Rep Cliff Biggers ??
HD72 State Rep Larry Householder A+ ENDORSED WIN!
HD74 State Rep Bill Dean Aq WIN
HD74 State Rep Joe Russell Aq
HD74 State Rep Brenden Shea Aq
HD74 State Rep Chris Wallace Aq
HD82 State Rep Tony Burkley A ENDORSED
HD82 State Rep Craig Riedel ?? Win
HD83 State Rep Kevin Rettig ??
HD83 State Rep Robert Sprague A- WIN
HD87 State Rep Wes Goodman Aq WIN
HD87 State Rep Steve Reinhard A-
HD87 State Rep Tom Whiston ??
SD04 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Gary Cates ?? Win
SD04 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Walter Simms Aq ENDORSED
SD05 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Doug Cook Aq ENDORSED WIN!
SD10 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Benda Lewis ?? Win
SD10 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Carolyn Uecker Aq ENDORSED
SD11 St. Cent. Comm. - Man William Delaney C Win
SD11 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Paul Hoag Aq ENDORSED
SD11 St. Cent. Comm. - Man Jon Stainbrook ??
SD11 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Meghan Gallagher ?? Win
SD11 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Diana Skaff A ENDORSED
SD17 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Wendy Sizemore Aq ENDORSED
SD17 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Bonnie Ward ?? Win
SD31 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Betty Montgomery D Win
SD31 St. Cent. Comm. - Woman Jo Ann Wiblin B
Wood Co. Common Pleas Judge Matthew Reger
Wood Co. Common Pleas Judge Corey Speweik ENDORSED
Montgomery Co. Commissioner Donald Birdsall Aq ENDORSED
Montgomery Co. Commissioner Gary Leitzell ?? Win
Preble Co. Commissioner Denise Robertson Aq ENDORSED WIN!
Preble Co. Commissioner J. Stephen Simmons ??
Ross Co. Commissioner James Barker Aq
Ross Co. Commissioner Dan Cryder ??
Ross Co. Commissioner Dwight A. Garrett ?? Win
Miami Co. Sheriff Chris Anderson ??
Miami Co. Sheriff Steven Cooper ??
Miami Co. Sheriff David Duchak ?? Win
Miami Co. Sheriff Paul Reece Aq ENDORSED
Licking Co. Republican Central Committee (Newark Twp.) Raymond Rector ?? Win
Licking Co. Republican Central Committee (Newark Twp.) James Wiblin B

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