Gubernatorial Candidates 2006

When maneuvering for nominations for Ohio governor began in 2005, this page was filled with anti-gun candidates. Not one remained at the end of the 2006 primaries. All three of the candidates below were listed by Buckeye Firearms Association as pro-Second Amendment.


--------> Ken Blackwell, current Ohio Secretary of State

  • Roundtable chat with Republican Ken Blackwell on firearms
  • Ken Blackwell to Sen. Pres. Bill Harris: Meeting/ Action requested on HB347
  • Republican Lt. Gov Candidate Tom Raga - Unplugged
  • Buckeye Firearms Association Announces Endorsements in GOP gubernatorial primary
  • Blackwell to name Rep. Tom Raga as running mate
  • Ken Blackwell says as Governor he'll close the media access loophole
  • 2004: Secretary of State Blackwell addresses attendees at OFCC's Party in the Park I
  • Only one of three 2006 Governor-hopefuls would have done it better than Taft


    --------> Ted Strickland, current United States Congressman: - WIN!

  • Roundtable chat with Democrat Ted Strickland on firearms
  • Ted Strickland goes on offense; highlights gun bill stalled in Senate
  • Buckeye Firearms endorses Ted Strickland in Democratic Primary for Governor
  • Dems' pro-gun/anti-gun gubernatorial ticket latest in a series of 2006 surprises
  • What will a pro-gun Democrat do to the Ohio governor's race?


    --------> Bill Peirce, professor emeritus at Case Western Reserve University:

  • Libertarian Bill Peirce a candidate for governor
  • Buckeye Firearms Assoc. volunteer named as candidate for Lt. Gov.
  • Peirce for Governor Campaign to Reach Signature Goal

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