Local Races 2012

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It would be impossible to research every local race in the state of Ohio. But there are some contests which pique our interest, some because they are between pro-Second Amendment candidates and out-and-out anti-gunners, and others because we wish to support candidates in positions that could one day lead them to the Statehouse, Governor's mansion, or Supreme Court bench.

NOTE: When we have a candidate survey, but no other information to go on, the highest grade a non-incumbent or an incumbent with no votes on our issue can earn is Aq.

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The following grades and endorsements are for the 2012 general election:

District/ County Office Name/Party BFA Grade BFA Endorsement
2nd Dist. Court of Appeals Judge Jeff Welbaum (R) ENDORSED WIN!
4th Dist. Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Sanders (R) ENDORSED
5th Dist. Court of Appeals Judge Jeanette Moll (R) ENDORSED
11th Dist. Court of Appeals Judge Colleen O'Toole (R) CO-ENDORSED WIN!
11th Dist. Court of Appeals Judge Mary Jane Trapp (D) CO-ENDORSED
12th Dist. Court of Appeals Judge Mike Powell (R) ENDORSED WIN!
12th Dist. Court of Appeals Judge Steve Powell (R) ENDORSED WIN!
Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas Judge Edele Passalacqua (R) ENDORSED
Ashtabula Commissioner Ryan Bailey (R) Aq
Clark Commissioner Kyle Koehler (R) Aq Win
Clermont Commissioner David Uible (R) Aq Win
Geauga Commissioner Jim Dvorak (D) Aq
Geauga Commissioner Mary Samide (R) ?? Win
Lorain Commissioner Mike Musto (R) Aq
Pickaway Commissioner Brian Stewart (R) Aq Win
Preble Commissioner Denise Robertson (R) Aq Win
Washington Commissioner David White (R) Aq Win
Cuyahoga Council Dist. 2 Anna Melendez (R) B ENDORSED
Franklin Sheriff Mike Herrell (R) Aq ENDORSED
Hamilton Sheriff Sean Donovan (R) B
Hamilton Sheriff Jim Neil (D) B Win
Greene Sheriff Gene Fischer (R) B ENDORSED WIN!
Lorain Sheriff A. J. Torres (R) Aq
Medina Sheriff John Detchon (D) B
Hamilton Clerk of Courts Tracy Winkler (R) Aq ENDORSED Win
Franklin Recorder Daphne Hawk (R) Aq
Geauga Recorder Sharon Gingerich (R) Aq Win
Mercer Recorder Angie King (R) A Win
Montgomery Recorder Tim O'Bryant (R) Aq
6th District Ohio State Board of Education Kristen McKinley (D) Aq
9th District Ohio State Board of Education Philip Gerth (R) Aq
10th District Ohio State Board of Education Jeff Hardin (R) A ENDORSED WIN!

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