Primary 2006

For the Ohio primary election, you may vote a Republican, a Democrat, or a non-partisan ballot. You must choose which party's elections you want to vote in - you can not vote in both. We have grouped the tables in the voter guide by party to assist you.

Republican ballot:

In the May 2, 2006, Buckeye Firearms Association ENDORSES the following candidates:

District Office Name Party
Ohio Governor Ken Blackwell Republican WIN!
Ohio Governor Jim Petro Republican
Ohio Attorney General Tim Grendell Republican
Ohio Auditor of State Mary Taylor Republican WIN!
Ohio Treasurer of State Sandy O'Brien Republican WIN!
CD02 U.S. Representative Jean Schmidt Republican WIN!
CD04 U.S. Representative Jim Jordan Republican WIN!
CD13 U.S. Representative Joe Ortega Republican
SD01 State Senate Steve Buehrer Republican WIN!
SD21 State Senate Richard Norris Republican WIN!
SD31 State Senate Tim Schaffer Republican WIN!
HD05 State Representative Kyle Farmer Republican
HD32 State Representative Mike Poast Republican WIN!
HD41 State Representative Steven Murphy Republican
HD58 State Representative Dan White Republican WIN!
HD61 State Representative Randy Pope Republican
HD75 State Representative Lynn Wachtmann Republican WIN!
HD76 State Representative Jeremy Swartz Republican
HD79 State Representative Diana Fessler Republican WIN!
HD83 State Representative Anthony Core Republican WIN!
HD88 State Representative Danny Bubp Republican WIN!
SD14 Central Committee John Becker Republican WIN!
SD03 Appeals Judge John Willamowski Republican WIN!
Butler Co. Common Pleas Judge Tim Evans Republican
Fairfield Co. Commissioner Steve Elsea Republican

In the following May 2, 2006 primary races, two proven Second Amendment supporters face one another in the Republican primary. Since either candidate would be a pro-gun vote, we recommended voters base their decision on other matters which were also important to them:

District Office Name Party
CD06 U.S. Representative Chuck Blasdel Republican WIN!
CD06 U.S. Representative Danny Harmon Republican
HD74 State Representative Marcus Bowling Republican
HD74 State Representative Bruce Goodwin Republican WIN!
HD91 State Representative William Hayes Republican WIN!
HD91 State Representative Chuck Wellman Republican
HD99 State Representative William Pikor Republican WIN!
HD99 State Representative Donald Rogers Republican

Democrat ballot:

In the May 2, 2006 primary elections, Buckeye Firearms Association ENDORSES the following candidates:

District Office Name Party
Ohio Governor Ted Strickland Democrat WIN!
Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann Democrat WIN!
CD10 U.S. Representative Barbara Anne Ferris Democrat
HD10 State Representative Freddie Moore Democrat
HD14 State Representative Erin Sullivan Lally Democrat

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