AP: Concealed weapons bill gets first hearing since April

The Associated Press filed a very detailed CCW story very early Tuesday morning, which quoted OFCC President Jeff Garvas and provided a link to the OFCC website. By JOHN McCARTHY The Associated Press 12/3/02 12:22 AM COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A bill to allow Ohioans to carry hidden guns if they pass a background check and a safety course is getting another turn in the Ohio Senate. The Senate Civil...

Dayton Daily News: New version of right to carry bill to be considered

Buried in a Dayton Daily News story about the 2003 budget comes this little tidbit about Senate consideration of HB274: Sen. Jeff Jacobson, R-Butler Twp., said today he will introduce a new version of legislation giving Ohioans the right to carry concealed weapons. The House passed its concealed-carry bill last March with the approval of the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association. Jacobson has been...

Dispatch: ''Senators hope to gain union's support to prevent veto''

Ohio Senate Republicans are making a last-ditch attempt to satisfy the Fraternal Order of Police on a concealed-weapons bill and perhaps win the approval of Gov. Bob Taft. The senators are preparing to upgrade training requirements and give officers a fast way to check the validity of permits to carry hidden handguns. Click here to read the entire story from the Columbus Dispatch (subscription...

Toledo Blade: ''Police union’s support deemed crucial to governor’s approval''

"The Ohio Senate appears poised for a lame-duck session vote this week on a controversial bill allowing law-abiding Ohioans to carry concealed handguns." "Toby Hoover of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence of Toledo, said she does not believe FOP acquiescence will make a difference." "'I don’t think that would be enough on its own,' she said. 'The governor has promised all of us that he would...

Ohio Public Radio (NPR) Covers Concealed Carry

The Statehouse News (Ohio's National Public Radio [NPR] affiliate) put together a 3.5 minute audio clip that you may have heard (or may hear Tuesday) on NPR affiliates throughout Ohio. Included in the audio clip is Senator Jeff Jacobson, a spokesman for Governor Taft, Mike Taylor from the FOP labor union, Jeff Garvas from Ohioans For Concealed Carry, and John Gilchrest from the Ohio Chiefs of...

Letter to the Editor: Senate mustn't let FOP run show on concealed carry

A second major Ohio newspaper has printed a letter to the editor from Ohioans for Concealed Carry President Jeff Garvas. Two days after writing a horribly misinformed anti-CCW editorial , the Columbus Dispatch printed Garvas' letter (subscription site- paid access only). Garvas' letter was published on November 18 in the Zanesville Times Recorder, and can be read by clicking here .

Daily Reporter: ''Concealed weapon law to be addressed before year's end''

"With two weeks worth of legislative sessions remaining this year, lawmakers hope to reach a compromise on legislation that would allow Ohioans to carry concealed handguns, while satisfying law enforcement officials' concerns and avoiding the veto of Gov. Bob Taft, according to officials." "The amendments will try to bridge the gap between the bill's current supporters, including members of the...

Dispatch Editorial: ''Ohioans shouldn't be invited to carry concealed weapons''

On Thanksgiving Day, the Columbus Dispatch printed an embarrassing (for them) editorial about concealed carry that can be found by clicking here . The incredibly flawed editorial suggests that the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association supports HB274 because they would profit from the licensure fees. Anyone who bothered to read the bill would know that this is absolute hogwash. According to HB274,...


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