Gun Control Strategists Mind Their Tongues, Look To NRA for Tactics

Facts are stubborn things. So when the facts are not in your favor, it’s not surprising that your message and strategy will need to continually change. For gun controllers – while that message may be incorrect on important facets of history, constitutional principles, Supreme Court doctrine, or even the will of the American people – $50 million dollars is quite an incentive to stay on script. On...

Gun Industry Sales Reflect a 'New Normal,' Says NSSF President

NEWTOWN, Conn. — Last year was an extraordinary one for firearm sales, a year unlike any other in the industry's history. That's a fact to be mindful of when comparing estimated sales through the first seven months of 2014 with those of the previous year, notes Steve Sanetti, President and CEO of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms and ammunition...

Girls with Guns Duo to Highlight “Save Our Heritage” Rally

(Columbus, OH) – The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance’s 18th Annual “Save Our Heritage” Rally, sponsored by the Ithaca Gun Company, will be held Saturday September 20th at the Aladdin Shrine Center in Columbus. This year’s featured guests will be Norissa Harman and Jen Adams, co-owners of Girls with Guns (GWG) clothing and the stars of Universal Huntress debuting in 2015 on Sportsman Channel. The “Save...

Democrat gubernatorial candidate promotes banning private transfers of firearms

Ohio Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald's campaign is on the rocks. So much so that last week, just 90 days before the election, typically Democrat-friendly Ohio media outlets like the Cleveland Plain Dealer began openly questioning whether FitzGerald should bow out of the race. The campaign train-wreck started at least as far back in November of 2013, with FitzGerald's choice of 2010...

Op-Ed: VPC = Very Petty Con

Analysis performed by gun control groups is about as thoughtful and deep as Miley Cyrus’s song lyrics. The Violence Policy Center, one of America’s oldest and most conniving Joyce Foundation funded institutions, is this week’s example. Keep in mind that the VPC has called for the banning of all handguns, declared that confusing the public about “assault weapons” is good policy, and even...

Reciprocity Mix-Up Leads to Felony Charges for Philadelphia Mom

On Tuesday [August 5], Superior Court Judge Michael Donio declined to dismiss a case for unlawful possession of a firearm against Philadelphia resident Shaneen Allen. Allen was arrested during a traffic stop last October after she volunteered to the officer that she had a firearm in her car. She mistakenly believed her Pennsylvania license to carry firearms was valid in New Jersey. This was...

Op-Ed: Halt and I Won’t Shoot

Cornered on his ATV by a rampaging maniac in a Northern California suburban cul-de-sac, an armed financial advisor had the legal authority to shoot his attacker in self-defense with the .45 pistol he had in his hand. He didn’t. His story is not unique, but tales like his are vastly underreported. Of the millions of annual instances of self-defense with a firearm (defensive gun use, or DGU) fewer...

Headline: Firearms group promotes self-defense

A group that trains with firearms puts down guns and picks up different self-defense techniques. The Well-Armed Woman" put on a survival workshop Tuesday night. It's a group usually known for firearms, specifically training women. But Tuesday evening the group was not at the range to shoot. The Cincinnati East chapter of The Well-Armed Woman was hosting women and men at a self-defense seminar...


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