Hillary: On guns, "We're way out of balance"

The NRA has always supported laws prohibiting violent felons and certain other categories of potentially dangerous persons from possessing guns, and it’s a position we’re confident is shared by the vast majority of gun owners nationwide. Nevertheless, on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, said, "I think that we've got to rein in what has become an almost article of...

Anti-gun Journalist Admits Wife Wished for Gun When Criminal Struck

On Wednesday, [May 1] gun control supporter and Fox News contributor Juan Williams appeared on the Lars Larson radio show and shared with listeners a personal incident that will hopefully have him questioning his long-held anti-gun positions. Williams told Larson, "My wife went to the gas station, and while she's trying to put the credit card in some guy rushes by her, gets in the car, and drives...

Ohio Hunters Check more than 16,500 Wild Turkeys during Spring Season

Ohio hunters checked 16,556 wild turkeys during the combined 2014 wild turkey hunting season and youth wild turkey hunting season, April 19-May 18, 2014. To see county-by-county results from Ohio's 2014 wild turkey hunting season, click here . The top 10 counties for the wild turkey harvest were Ashtabula (615), Tuscarawas (493), Coshocton (484), Guernsey (466), Muskingum (453), Belmont (444),...

Heart attack free zones

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States accounting for approximately 600,000 deaths annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to all the dead people, heart attacks also have a negative effect on the family members who’ve lost a loved one, and all of the innocent bystanders who witness this horrible death. It is time to outlaw...

Headline: Dayton VA Medical Center shooting revives gun ban debate

The subject of so called "no-guns" victim zones is once again being discussed, and this time by those not often willing to give the problem the kind of attention the subject deserves: the media. From a report by WXIX, Dayton's Fox affiliate: In the wake of a shooting early this month at a VA hospital in Dayton, that city's FOX affiliate is asking if the hospital's ban on concealed carry should be...

Two BFA-supported bills to receive hearings in Senate committee

Chairman Bill Coley has announced that the Senate Civil Justice Committee will be hearing testimony on Senate Bill 338 (Concealed Carry Law Reform) and HB 234 (Allow Noise Suppressors While Hunting) on May 21, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. in the North Hearing Room. This will be the first hearing for HB 234,and sponsor-only testimony will be considered. Buckeye Firearms Association has previously provided...

Headline: Woman Stabbed Outside Gym Getting Gun License For Personal Safety

WBNS (CBS Columbus) is reporting that women from one Ohio community are aiming to keep themselves safe, after a dangerous attack hit close to home. From the article : Rikki Whitaker survived a stabbing outside of her gym in early one morning in March. She's now out of the hospital and learning self-defense. Whitaker says police are still searching for the man, who attacked her. In fact, next week...

A trauma kit in every school

In keeping with our effort to keep our children safe, Buckeye Firearms Foundation is announcing an initiative to put a trauma kit in every school building in Ohio. Our FASTER (Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response) program has always maintained that we should take every reasonable step to save children’s lives. That includes steps taken before, during, and after an active...


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