Gun Owners Oppose Cleveland's New Proposed Regulations

COLUMBUS, OH - The city of Cleveland has proposed 27 new weapons laws despite two Ohio Supreme Court rulings that prohibit cities from regulating firearms. Collectively, the proposed ordinances would establish a gun-offender registry that is unlikely to deter crime or provide law enforcement with useful information. Ohio gun owners are understandably concerned with Cleveland's proposals. For over...

Prohibitionists Give up on Semi-Auto Bans? Not So Fast

For the last 25 years, banning so-called “assault weapons” has been at the forefront of the anti-gun agenda. However, in recent days, an article from ProPublica and a “study” from The Center for American Progress indicated that the gun control establishment is shifting away from advocating for semi-auto bans and towards background checks/registration. The “coincidence” of these publications...

Five Gun Myths—Exploded

Myth 1: The Basics Of Gun Safety Are Only For Newbies This is one of the worst, most dangerous gun-related myths there is. The basics of gun safety are for everyone, regardless of experience level. There is an old saying: Familiarity breeds contempt. What it means is that the more familiar you are with something, the less respect you have for it. That’s a bad mistake when it comes to guns. The...

It's time to turn things around

It seems like more and more we’re surrounded by people on edge. All of this anger destroys trust and teamwork and, given time, our nation. So how do we turn it around? It starts with everyone who still believes in civility, responsibility and virtue — the Good Guys. >>> CLICK HERE to join the NRA or renew your membership now . If you know some good guys and gals, get them a gift...

Busting the Top 3 Myths About the Second Amendment

Adherents to gun control typically respond with emotional arguments. However, on those occasions when they attempt to respond with “logic” regarding the Second Amendment itself, those arguments typically take the same tired forms. Here are three of the most popular, and how to dismantle them instantly. Myth #1: You have to have a license to operate a car. Why shouldn’t you have to have one to own...

Billionaires Buying Away Rights - Will Washington residents sell out?

There is a major battle under way in Washington State that has serious implications for the rest of the country. The battle is between two competing ballot initiatives; one, I-591, to limit background checks in the state to federal standards, and the other, I-594, to require all firearm transfer in the state – with a few narrow exceptions – to go through a federally licensed firearm dealer for a...

Crowning A World Champion of Shooting?

Editor's Note: This seemed to be the weekend of worldwide shooting competition. The ISSF World Championships continued in Spain (and the US had a BIG day- see the news section), the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) held its 2014 U.S. Championships at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the inaugural World Shooting Championship from Glengary, West Virginia set out to...

I-75 shooting in Ohio exposes truth self-defense advocates have long known

On Friday morning, September 12, police say Terry Froman, 41, went to the Mayfield, KY home of his ex-girlfriend Kim Thomas, 34, shot and killed her oldest 17 year-old son, then kidnapped her. According to The Journal-News , when friends went to her home after she failed to report to work and discovered her son's body, they immediately called police. Prior to that call, the article says the...


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