The Cause and Effect of Rapid Mass Murder©

The protocol for our “Rapid Mass Murder”, ( RMM ©) database is “ Within 20 minutes, 4 or more murdered at the same time and public place ”. Worldwide, along with support from probable cause evidence, we also count incidents of attempted RMM© by random actors in schools and workplaces. We do not tally military, police, terrorist or gang actions. By design, our protocol gives us a very specific,...

Obama Administration Bans Import of Popular Russian Firearms

[Last] week, the Treasury Department used authority delegated to it by the president, under Executive Order 13661 , to sanction Russian gun maker Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash). In the United States, the manufacturer is best known for its popular Saiga rifles and shotguns. While ostensibly a measure to curb aggression by some in the Russian Federation, the move does bar from importation...

Firearms Training: So What Do I Need to Learn?

If you agree with my premise that firearms training is the responsible thing to do, then you next need to determine how much training you need. The primary purpose of training is to measure your abilities against some pre-defined standard of performance. In the case of required training, such as what is included in Ohio’s concealed carry law, the performance standard is established by lawmakers...

Op-Ed: Guns Still Safer than Cars, and Most Everything Else

It is indeed too bad that cars and guns are not treated the same way. If they were, accidental automobile deaths might become nearly non-existent. In a recent editorial (“Guns, cars and dead Americans”, 10/24/2013) the Post-Gazette bemoaned many things, and opined with a level of inaccuracy not tolerated at shooting ranges. The editorial’s gist was that government regulation and legislation made...

Castle Doctrine: It's not just for gun owners

Ask someone to define the term "Castle Doctrine," and you will get a variety of answers, in part because, like "Stand Your Ground," it is a marketing term used to describe a variety of self-defense laws in various states around the country. It is likely, however, that the varied definitions will likely contain a common theme - one involving the use of a firearm to defend oneself. While the laws...

June 2014 Firearms Sales Checks Third Highest June on Record

The June 2014 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 805,571 is the third highest June on record for the 16-year-old system, even with a decrease of 7.6 percent compared to the June 2013 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 872,025. For comparison, the unadjusted June 2014 NICS figure of 1,375,135 reflects an 8.2 percent increase from the unadjusted NICS figure...

Anti-Gun Activist: Ban All Detachable-Magazine Semi-Automatics

Recently, a longtime firearm prohibition advocate confirmed at least two points that people who follow the gun control debate have long known. First, anti-gun activists have not abandoned the holy grail of their agenda, getting handguns banned. Second, they will never be content with an “assault weapons” ban that applies only to external features of semiautomatic firearms and not to the operating...

Obama’s Biggest Frustration: Reality

Obama’s talk of gun control is a political diversion. When the President of the United States is asked about his proudest achievements and his greatest frustrations in office, and his response is to decry the lack of action to restrict the enumerated constitutional rights of Americans, that’s a diversion. Obama could have talked about the slow creeping economic “recovery.” He could have talked...


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