REMINDER: Vote TODAY in primaries around the Buckeye State!

Today is Election Day in many municipalities, and voters have an opportunity to ensure that pro-gun candidates will be on the ballot this November. In Cincinnati, Buckeye Firearms Association has endorsed Charlie Winburn for Mayor. In a campaign shaped by the city's trouble with street crime, Councilman Charlie Winburn has also earned the endorsement of crime-fighting former New York Mayor Rudy...

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Privacy for Criminals over Law-Abiding Gun Owners

By Gerard Valentino and John Salyers The Cleveland Plain Dealer took time away from their crusade to equate law-abiding gun owners with sex offenders to print a story on a law that would seal the criminal records of convicted felons. This objective and fair article covering a law that would protect convicted criminals is in stark contrast to the attacks the Cleveland Plain Dealer often prints...

Stand Your Ground

By Gerard Valentino There are few things in life more precious than the safety and security felt in one’s own home. For many, home is where their children play and a personal sanctuary from the frantic pace of modern life. In many states however, a person’s home is free for the taking. Not only by unethical politicians willing to turn it over to developers but also to criminals who are protected...

Police State of New Orleans

By Jim Irvine The NRA today issued a news release stating that a “Disaster Can’t Destroy Gun Rights.” Quoting from the release: "When law enforcement isn’t available, Americans turn to the one right that protects all the others - the right to keep and bear arms," LaPierre said. "This attempt to repeal the Second Amendment should be condemned.” A Louisiana state statute allows the chief law...

Buckeye Firearms Assoc.'s Jim Irvine to speak at Gun Rights Policy Conference

The Second Amendment Foundation will host their 20th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference September 23-25 in Los Angeles. Scheduled speakers include NRA’s President Sandra Froman, Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Director of Federal Affairs, Chuck Cunningham. Also speaking will be author of “The Bias Against Guns” Professor John R. Lott Jr., the host of “Gun Talk” radio program Tom...

Dems seeking pro-gun candidates to face DeWine

A story in the Cincinnati Enquirer offers increasing indications that Democrats have in mind to run a pro-gun candidate against anti-gun Republican Senator Mike DeWine in 2006. While one such potential rival, U.S. Rep Tim Ryan, announced that he has decided to seek a third term in Congress and will not oppose DeWine, Ryan says DeWine is vulnerable and suggested a fellow pro-gun Democrat: Iraq war...

Your tax dollars can help pro-gun candidates

Exclusive to Buckeye Firearms Association. Do not reprint without permission By: Ken Hanson Esq. How would you like to donate $100.00 of Ohio's money to a pro-gun candidate? That's right, give $100.00 of Ohio's tax money to a pro-gun candidate's campaign. It is easy, it is legal, and Buckeye Firearms Association has just made it even easier. Ohio tax law gives individuals a tax credit of $50.00,...

More Grassroots Persistence Yields Dividends

Buckeye Firearms Association has learned that the grassroots efforts of one volunteer have paid off. The Wood County Agricultural Society (Fair Board) has determined that it's previous actions of posting the entire fair grounds as off-limits to concealed carry was in violation of Ohio's Concealed Carry Law. As such, they have issued a public statement that says the signs have been removed from...


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