Buckeye Firearms endorsees Wachtmann & Buehrer host Sportsmen's Hurricane Relief

Press release courtesy of the NRA-ILA: Join State Senator Lynn Wachtmann (R-01) and State Representative Stephen Buehrer (R-74) for a Sportsmen's Hurricane Relief Breakfast. "One of the most generous groups in supporting any community project is sportsmen. Time and time again, we have seen local sportsmen give their time and financial support to local and national projects. We would like to make...

Dayton Daily News story highlights reasons why HB296 is so important

Commentary by Larry S. Moore The Dayton Daily News recently published a touching story on the strong parent-child bonding time that occurs each year during hunting season, and it is apparent from the story that Ohioans should support the opportunity for such bonding to be increased through HB296. From the story: Logan Murray is an 8-year-old who knows what he wants. He wants to go hunting with...

Buckeye Firearms endorsee attacks Columbus council for 'liberal agenda'

2005 Buckeye Firearms Association endorsee Phil Harmon is making news by pointing out that liberal politics are affecting more than just gun control in the City of Columbus: October 23, 2005 Columbus Dispatch In the past two years, the Columbus City Council has banned smoking in public places. It banned assault weapons. And couches on porches. And it gave the green light last week to installing...

Gun ban extremist Toby Hoover to speak at UT Law School

The University of Toledo Law School has announced that Toby Hoover, Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, will be speaking in the College of Law auditorium at noon on Wednesday, October 26. On the law school's website, Hoover's appearance is inserted among guest speaker list that includes Marquette University Law School Professor Janine Geske, Capital University Professor...

Tracing cash from wealthy law firms to Senators who voted 'nay' on S397

With the exception of a pro-S. 397 editorial from a California news daily, most in the media are still writhing in agony over the pass age of the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act." Instead of their anti-gun rhetoric, an recent op-ed shows that what a responsible media should be reporting on is how greedy lawyers were behind most of the fight on this sensible tort reform legislation. In...

There, but for the Second Amendment and its Defenders, go all of us

From the socialist utopia of Great Britain, gun control capital of the West... October 20, 2005 Derbyshire Times Grandad lives in fear A defiant grandad, who claims his drug-hit neighbourhood has become overrun by crack and heroin dealers, has put knives in every room of his home in case he has to defend himself. Ron Coleman fears drug addicts on the troubled Grangewood Estate could raid his home...

No real reason: Toledo Blade opposes firearms law reform bill

When one first learned of some of the sweeping changes proposed in Rep. Jim Aslanides' firearms law reform bill, House bill 347, it would have been logical to predict that establishment media opposition would come on language which would make all firearms laws in the state uniform, or language which would redefine what constitutes a "loaded" firearm in a motor vehicle. On the other hand, the...

USSA: Hearing Scheduled for Bill to Eliminate Hunting Barriers in Ohio

October 21, 2005 U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Action Alert An Ohio bill designed to help increase the number of sportsmen in the field will be heard in a house committee next week. The bill is part of a national effort to recruit hunters to the sport. Ohio HB 296, introduced by Rep. Stephen Buehrer, R-Delta, will create an apprentice hunting license. It is scheduled for sponsor testimony in the...


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