Montgomery fundraising trails Blackwell and Petro almost 2 to 1 in 2005

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that State Auditor and anti-concealed-carry gubernatorial primary candidate Betty Montgomery was out-paced on fundraising nearly 2 to 1 by her Republican counterparts Ken Blackwell and Jim Petro in the first half of 2005. According to reports filed Friday, Montgomery collected just $670,000, compared to Blackwell's $1.2 million, and Petro's $1.1 million...

NRA Statement on passage of ''Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act''

Friday, July 29, 2005 Today, in an historic vote in Second Amendment history, freedom prevailed. When it comes to something as fundamental as the Second Amendment, the American people are determined to protect this freedom. That’s what happened in the United States Senate today. The final outcome of the U.S. Senate vote on S. 397 -- the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” -- is a...

Dispatch: City asks judge to throw out challenge to gun ban

The Columbus Dispatch is reported recently that Columbus city attorneys have asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Columbus’ assault-weapons ban. From the story: Assistant city attorneys Joshua T. Cox and Daniel W. Drake filed a motion yesterday to dismiss the suit because they said Franklin County Probate Court doesn’t have jurisdiction. The motion also says Phil Harmon, a lawyer...

John Mitchel runs for US Senate

John Mitchel is running against Mike Dewine in the May 2006 U.S. Senate Primary. John is a genuine conservative who holds strong conservative values, including supporting our Second Amendment rights. On the other hand, former Democrat Mike Dewine is a moderate at best and often embraces liberal ideals such as when he voted to renew the federal Assault Weapon Ban. For more information on John...

Dispatch: Columbus doesn’t plan to track weapons ban

"Don't judge us by our results. Judge us by our intentions." This is the message being sent by the City government in Columbus and other Ohio cities with so-called assault weapons bans on the books. The Columbus Dispatch is reported Sunday (instead of before passage of that city's ban, when it might have made a difference) that "banning guns has produced loud arguments, but very little hard data...

Pro-gun Democrats struggle for prominence

As we reported recently, the 2006 gubernatorial race is shaping up with pro- and anti-gun candidates on both sides of the ballot. Closer on the calendar is a special election race in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, which pits the pro-gun former state representative Jean Schmidt, a Republican, against pro-gun Iraq War veteran and Democrat Paul Hackett. Fighting for votes in an extremely...

John Lott: City’s assault-weapons ban ineffective and unneeded

By John R. Lott. Jr. Archived at Published Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at Columbus Dispatch When the federal assault-weapons ban expired in September, its fans claimed that gun crimes and police killings would surge dramatically. Sarah Brady, one of the nation’s leading gun-control advocates, warned, "Our streets are going to be filled with AK-47s and Uzis." The Columbus City Council...

Dispatch: Council candidate sues city over ‘reckless’ weapons ban

On Thursday, July 21, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Columbus City Council candidate Phil Harmon has filed the first of what may become several lawsuits against the City of Columbus, challenging Columbus’ assault-weapons ban and asking the court to prevent it from going into effect. From the story: Harmon, a longtime activist and lawyer and one of six candidates running for three seats on...


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