Latest round of motions filed in OFCC Inc. v City of Clyde

On Friday, attorneys for Ohioans For Concealed Carry, and (separately) for Attorney General Jim Petro, filed additional Motions in Ohioans For Concealed Carry, Inc. v City of Clyde . The Motions, which can be downloaded from links at the end of this story, mark another stage in written arguments, and put the case on a time-line for a ruling in mid-July. The Fremont News Messenger is reporting on...

Man describes attack by teen robbers; defense of his own life

The Dayton Daily News has published an interview with what police say is the first CHL-holder in Dayton to have fired their weapon in self-defense since OhioCCW became law last year. From the story: Facing two armed teenagers intent on robbing him early Friday, Mark Hill pulled out his Glock 23 handgun, then hesitated. "These kids reminded me of my kid," Hill said Saturday. "Then I really had to...

Tale of two home invasions

The Youngstown Vindicator is reporting that the fatal shooting of a man across the border in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania early Saturday has been ruled by police to have been an act of self-defense. From the story: Robert Flynn of 531 Cedar Ave., Sharon, was shot when he broke into the home of Kevin McEwen at 36 N. 11th St. at about 3 a.m., police reports said. According to the police statement,...

Auto break-ins rising in downtown Cincy

The Cincinnati Post has published another report about how motor vehicle break-ins are on the increase in downtown Cincinnati. Break-ins have jumped 35 percent in the first four months of the year in comparison to 2004, with more than 500 reported since January, according to the Cincinnati Post. In a forum admittedly designed to blunt a growing perception that it is unsafe to travel to the area,...

''Man with two firearms in school'' turns out to be teenager with pellet gun

According to a report in the Toledo Blade, an incident the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence's Toby Hoover prematurely flaunted in a press release last week, entitled "OHIO'S KIDS AT RISK OF BEING SHOT", has turned out much differently than Hoover's initial press release would have had you believe. The press release shouted: "On Wednesday, Riverside Elementary school in Toledo went in to lock...

Is on the list of ''inappropriate'' sites banned by Columbus?

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the announcement of crackdown on Internet surfing of "inappropriate" websites by city employees was not much of a deterrent, at least initially. But what caught our eye in the story was what the City of Columbus deems "inappropriate": A week after the city announced it would begin monitoring on-the-job Internet use and blocking access to certain sites,...

Another armed robbery in a ''no-guns'' United Dairy Farmers store

A full year after OhioCCW became law and after countless thousands of CHL-holders shopped in the stores countless thousands of times without incident, United Dairy Farmers management decided to post “no-guns” signs to keep their patrons safe. Great idea - IF you're a (criminal) patron planning on staging an armed robbery, that is: Case # 050454919 Title Robbery Report # 050454919.1 Subject 450 –...

Two ''no-guns'' Ohio businesses suffer robberies is reporting that a Brinks security guard was robbed in the food court at Prime Outlets Mall in Lodi while loading an ATM Machine. Prime Outlets Malls are posted with “no-guns” signs (in Ohio only), not just on the buildings, but in parking lots as well. Mall owners have asserted that these signs make their patrons and leasees safer, but since the postings Prime Outlets has made news for...


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