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AZ: Twisted coverage and myths shot down 'guns-in-bars' bill Why on Earth would the National Rifle Association promote laws so "gun-toting" people could "pack heat" in bars and not drink? Say what? That doesn't even make sense. It's beyond stupid. And in fact, the NRA promoted no such thing. But you wouldn't know it from reading the papers or following newscasts. The inaccurately characterized "...

Deli owner on W. 47th is shot dead

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that a Cleveland store owner was gunned down Monday night in what police believe was a robbery at Tony's Deli on West 47th Street. Police told reporters that Antonios "Tony" Elbkessini, 48, of Cleveland, appeared to have been shot inside the small corner store but died outside on the sidewalk. From the story: Neighbors saw two men running west from the...

Gun control laws fail: Man uses gun to threaten woman

The Sandusky Register is reporting on yet another example of how gun control laws are a failure at preventing criminals from obtaining firearms or from harming others. According to the Register, a 49-year-old Greenwich man is accused of pointing a loaded pistol at the head of a 44-year-old woman Friday at a Greenwich residence, telling the woman he was going to kill her, then pulling the gun away...

Update: VCDL petition effort to carry in National Parks

On Saturday, January 29, OFCC President Jeff Garvas announced that OFCC had recently has recently signed on to a petition effort started by the Virginia Citizens Defense League that calls upon the United States Department of the Interior to lift a ban on bearing arms for self-defense in our vast national park system. “Today, every National Park in the state of Ohio is off-limits to Ohioans and...

Newspaper polls prove strong support for privacy/ protection in parks

Two recent webpolls reveal there is strong support for issues that Ohioans For Concealed Carry is callign on the Ohio General Assembly to address in future legislation. For the past week, the Fremont News Messenger has been polling readers on whether or not the City of Clyde should be allowed to ban concealed weapons in their parks. At present, the poll is running 92% against the City of Clyde...

LTE: Banning guns in city parks makes sense

Every so often, it's good to remind ourselves just how uninformed our opponents truly are. OFCC PAC Commentary provided in blue . May 23, 2005 Port Clinton News Herald At last, someone with good sense has stood up and said enough; "Stay out of our parks when carrying arms!" and refusing to back down when confronted by the so-called hidden gun carriers. Yes, if you're a non-gun owner who likes...

Budget cuts: Some Lawrence Co. residents seeking own means of self-protection

Although gun ban extremists often suggest that rural people have no need to bear arms for self-defense because crime rates are low where they live, the Ironton Tribune is reporting that area residents have much to be concerned about when it comes to crime these days. From the story: They say when it rains, it pours and perhaps no one can understand the truth of that adage right now better than...

Crime spree suspects target chinese restaurants

Cincinnati's is reporting on a crime spree in the Tri-state that apparently targets owners and employees of Chinese restaurants. According to the news station, the crime spree spans three counties and the past month-and-a-half. Crimes have been reported in Mason in Warren County; Liberty Township in Butler County; and in Springfield Township, Price Hill and Norwood in Hamilton County. In...


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