Letters to Dayton Daily News Editor favor privacy

In the wake of a Round Table discussion of whether or not CHL-holders' records should be kept private, Dayton Daily News readers were just as overwhelmingly supportive of privacy in their letters to the editor as they were at the forum. But are news editors listening? More importantly, are legislators? May 13, 2005 Dayton Daily News Publishing names just a childish act In following the debate on...

Headline: Conceal/carry signs going, going, gone

The Wilmington News Journal is reporting . From the story: Gun-banning signs at the entrances to J.W. Denver Williams Jr. Memorial Park have been pulled. Similar signs posted at the entrances to the Clinton County Fairground are expected to soon come down, too. align="right"> A formal, written opinion recently issued by Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro says signs cannot ban guns from city...

''No-guns'' UDF robberies continue

They don’t always make the headlines, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still happening… Case # 050395302 Title: Robbery Location: 327 E Hudson St. City: Columbus; Zone: 4 Precinct: 4; District: 43 Occurred: 5/11/2005 10:33:00 PM Reported By: Officer Hogan, Badge 2177 Report Narrative: REPORTING PERSON STATES THE SUSPECTS CAME IN TO THE LISTED UNITED DAIRY FARMERS. SUSPECT #1 PULLED A BLACK...

Editorial (?): One year later: Concealed Carry law's impact

We’re not sure whether it’s a news story or an op-ed, but since Medina County Gazette reporter “Gladden” ends this story by expressing his personal opinion and referring to himself in the first person, we’ll take a gamble this was published as an editorial, even though it is not so delineated on the newspapers’ website. OFCC PAC Commentary provided in blue : Remember all the hype when concealed-...

Beer truck driver robbed of money outside ''no-guns'' IGA

Dayton’s WHIOtv.com is reporting that a man driving a beer truck was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday. As per usual, what they did not mention is that it happened outside a "no-guns" IGA grocery. From the story: Authorities said the robber pointed a gun at the driver at the Westside IGA Supermarket on Germantown in Dayton. The driver of the truck said he had his money back with him and a check from...

Gun control laws don't control guns, just law-abiding people

Cleveland City Council Launching Effort To Learn How Kids Get Guns There is a new effort under way to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of children. City Council is launching an effort to find out how guns are getting into the hands of teenagers, reported 5 On Your Side's Tony Gaskins. If you are young and want a gun in Cleveland, it's usually just a matter of asking around. One teen...

Mower driver charged with drunk driving

The Toledo Blade is reporting that a Deshler man who admitted he had too much to drink before he decided to drive home on a riding lawn mower was charged with drunken driving, authorities said. From the story: Adam Reinbolt, 25, was arrested about 2 a.m. Sunday after the mower went into a ditch on State Rt. 18, just west of Hockenberry Road in Jackson Township, according to Wood County sheriff's...

When Justice fails to protect

12 offenders from Geauga are among those to get new parole hearings A class-action suit filed in Franklin County could mean that 12 convicted felons, most of them sexual offenders, may be back walking the streets of Geauga County sooner than expected. The Ohio Parole Board released a list of 2,700 criminals across Ohio who will be receiving new parole hearings after Franklin County courts...


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