Exposed: Pulling back the curtain on the gun grabbers' Wizard of Toledo

Exclusive to Buckeye Firearms Association, reprint only with attribution By Chad D. Baus In the wake of Ohio's adoption of concealed carry reform in early 2004, the news media were searching for a reason why. Why, after they had written hundreds of anti-gun and anti-self-defense editorials, and after they had propped up a push-poll purporting to show majority opposition to this legislation, had...

Toronto Heading Toward Gun Free City (Not That Criminals Will Care)

By Larry S. Moore and John Salyers Editors Note: Just as this commentary was to be posted, National Review Online published a related piece, Canada Blames Us by John R. Lott Jr. Please be sure to check it out. Judging from this (Canada) National Post story , Toronto might as well be on the verge of posting signs at the city limits welcoming criminals - maybe even providing visiting criminals...

Betty Montgomery: "I will never be the candidate of the NRA."

By Jim Irvine At the Strongsville Republican’s club pig roast, on August 13, I talked with gubernatorial candidate Betty Montgomery about concealed carry. Though she maintained that she never made any disparaging comments about CHL holders, we did "agree" on several other areas. Betty stated that she thought HB12 was a terribly drafted bill. With regard to the Senate's amendments, I could not...

Taft's days numbered?

COLUMBUS ---- It was href="" target="_blank">announced today that Ohio Governor Bob Taft will be facing up to 4 misdemeanor criminal charges as a result of his failure to disclose more than 50 golf outings he received as gifts from lobbyists/supporters. Governor Taft has claimed...

Another pro-gun opponent for DeWine?

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the field of Republicans looking to dethrone anti-gun Senator Mike DeWine in next year's GOP primary looks to increase to two. (John Mitchel has already officially declared his candidacy ) According to the story, a former president of Middletown-based AK Steel announced Tuesday that he's considering running against Sen. Mike DeWine next year for the GOP...

US Sportsmen Alliance Ohio Legislature Sportsmen's Caucus

By Larry S. Moore The US Sportsmen Alliance (USSA) was formed in the 1970s following a trapping issue on the Ohio ballot. The group was originally named the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America. The name was changed to USSA a few years ago to better reflect the nature of their activities. USSA is a national organization headquartered in Columbus. They work with a broad range of sportsmen issues...

First challenge to Columbus AWB tossed

COLUMBUS --- Franklin County Probate Judge Lawrence Belskis has dismissed the first court challenge to Columbus' new assault weapon ban. The case, filed by Franklin County probate lawyer and city council candidate Phil Harmon, challenged the ordinance on the narrow grounds that it would interfere with administration of estates in Franklin County. "It was an interesting, innovative approach," said...

Ultimate Paranoia in Pickerington

Many CCW and gun rights supporters have probably heard of recent legislation to be introduced by Rep. Jim Aslanides (R-Coshocton) that includes a preemption clause to prevent cities from enacting municipal gun laws which conflict with state law. Among other things, the bill would clarify that cities cannot ban guns from parks or other places not specified as off-limits by the state. This picture...


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