Toledo police seize gun; Leave temporary CHL-holder defenseless

The Toledo Free Press is reporting that although a man with a temporary emergency concealed handgun license was not charged with a crime, police have seen fit to confiscate and hold his handgun (despite an Ohio law which suggests such action by the Toledo police officers was illegal). From the story: A North Toledo man said threats on his life and high levels of gang activity in his Lagrange...

The Grand American Last Stand in Ohio

By Larry S. Moore The final Grand American Trapshoot was held last week in Vandalia, Ohio. The expansion of the Dayton International Airport is the usual reason given for the event being forced out of Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) home grounds. The ATA will maintain offices and the Hall of Fame building in Vandalia. The Grand American was brought to Dayton to have a permanent home in...

Winburn ads blame Cincinnati city leadership for crime

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that a Buckeye Firearms Association endorsee and candidate for mayor of Cincinnati has taken out television commercials that correctly focus the need for solutions to that city's crime problems on taking criminals off the streets. From the story: Republican Charlie Winburn's first television ad follows a series of direct mail pieces that emphasized his tough-...

LTE: Assault-weapons ban won’t fix city’s many problems

August 20, 2005 Columbus Dispatch I write in regard to the decision from the National Rifle Association to move its convention because of the assault weapons ban. Since Mayor Michael B. Coleman was elected, Columbus has slowly but steadily been going downhill. Unemployment and job losses are at a record high, violent crime, including robbery, thefts and burglaries, are up dramatically and in some...

Buckeye Firearms Association Announces 2005 Endorsements

The Buckeye Firearms Association proudly announced endorsements in four local races around the state today. Two of these endorsements involve candidates who are involved in run-off elections on September 13. In Toledo, two successive anti-gun administrations have passed useless assault weapons and inexpensive gun bans, and which have posted "no-guns" signs in city parks and busses, all the while...

Ohio's ''Everyman for Governor'' states his case for firearms rights

Ohio's 2006 gubernatorial race has already been a politics junkie's dream, and promises to offer even greater fixes as the primaries grow closer. Whether they are consumers or business owners tired of ever-increasing taxes, or gun owners stung by years of having to fight a Republican governor over pro-gun legislation, poll after poll shows that Mr. & Mrs. Ohio are tired of the status quo, and...

Exposed: Pulling back the curtain on the gun grabbers' Wizard of Toledo

Exclusive to Buckeye Firearms Association, reprint only with attribution By Chad D. Baus In the wake of Ohio's adoption of concealed carry reform in early 2004, the news media were searching for a reason why. Why, after they had written hundreds of anti-gun and anti-self-defense editorials, and after they had propped up a push-poll purporting to show majority opposition to this legislation, had...


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