Editorial: NRA Guns for Rights Violators

August 10, 2005 The Washington Times By Gene Mueller Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, says he will spare no expense or effort to expose energy giant ConocoPhillips for its anti-Second Amendment stance. Look for billboard advertising soon that says as much. An NRA-sponsored national boycott campaign against ConocoPhillips also will begin. The sparks flew...

Vietnam veteran forced to register gun he keeps as reminder of service

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that just four people registered their guns on the first day of registration under the city's new Mentel Ban. One of the four is a man who fought for the very freedom the City of Columbus is now trying to steal away. From the story: Walter C. Rakes went to the city’s License Section office at 750 Piedmont Rd. on the North Side yesterday to pick up an application...

The Mentel(ly) challenged

By Ken Hanson Esq. I read with stunned disbelief the story about the large scale bar shooting that happened in Columbus on August 5, 2005. For those that missed the coverage, two shooters entered into a bar in Columbus, the ironically named Friendly Bar and Grill, and opened fire, striking 6 patrons with some of the reported 30 shots fired from what were reportedly semi-automatic pistols. One of...

A Public Statement from Buckeye Firearms Association

Buckeye Firearms Association has been made aware of public statements made to PAC donor(s), member(s) of the media, and legislator(s) by the corporation that previously sponsored this political action committee (PAC). The statements made by Ohioans for Concealed Carry Inc. do not fully address the broadening of focus we have undergone, associated with our name change. It is correct to say that...

HB 324 to amend Ohio CHL law was introduced today

HB 324 was introduced today (sponsored primarily by anti-gun Democrats), purporting to "improve" the current Ohio CHL law. Initial reading of this proposed legislation shows it does not provide the improvements Ohio CHL-holders need. Those interested can read the text of the bill here: HB324 FLASHBACK: Ohio Democrats backing College Rapist and Carjacker Protection bills

LTE: NRA Was Prepared to Spend Money Here

Yet another letter to the editor taking soon-to-be Columbus mayoral candidate Michael Mental to task for throwing away $20 million dollars that the Columbus economy desperately needed. Aug. 9, 2005 Columbus Dispatch I was a little surprised and disappointed by the July 20 Dispatch editorial cartoon, depicting the National Rifle Association as a masked bandit with a gun pointed at the Columbus...

Betty “Just call me Kerry” Montgomery begins chase for gun vote

By Chad D. Baus In a move reminiscent of John Kerry’s infamous Ohio goose shoot, at which a camo-clad Kerry proclaimed that he was "too lazy" to carry his bird off the hunting field, there are growing indications that gubernatorial-hopeful Betty Montgomery is trying to squeeze into her own camouflage pants suit as she makes her bid for the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary. It was only a few...

Columbus-area CHL acts in self-defense

Exclusive to Buckeye Firearms Association, reprint only with attribution Saturday, August 6, 2005 is a day that will not likely be soon forgotten by one Columbus area concealed handgun license holder. This person, who we will refer to as Publius to protect what is left of his privacy, was placed in a situation that many of us have trained for but dread encountering - an armed robbery. Publius is...


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