Warning issued after robbery of night deposit at ''no-guns'' Fifth-Third

WHIOTV.com is reporting that a warning is being issued for those residents who make large bank deposits, especially deposits for employers. From the story: Police in Miami Township are searching for a man who robbed a woman outside a bank as she was about to make a deposit. The crime happened Tuesday at the Fifth-Third Bank on Route 741 near Alex-Bell. Authorities said a CVS manager was about to...

Justice system failures = new Ohio victims

Only you can protect you. Zanesville Times-Recorder: Murder suspect got early release Murder suspect Jeremy McGilton was prematurely let out of the county jail, and the sheriff's office is still looking into how the mistake was made. Sheriff Bob Stephenson is investigating whether a combination of missing paperwork and his office not being informed of a parole holder led to McGilton's release Feb...

Guns Save Lives: Woman Survives Home Invasion, Attack

Cincinnati's WCPO.com is reporting that a local woman had to use a gun to defend herself after a neighbor she didn't know broke in and attacked her. From the story: It was a sudden surprise attack that Lea Murray says now makes her fearful of staying home alone at night. It happened as Lea was working on her computer in her trailer at the Lake Remington trailer park in Miami Township. "She slung...

Random acts of violence don't happen when expected. Are you ready?

One doesn't buy fire insurance because they expect their house to burn, car insurance because they expect to be in a collision, or life insurance because they expect to die young. So why do some say they only plan to exercise their right to bear arms for self-defense when they are expecting trouble? Every day in Ohio, we go to work, for a walk, or to their front door without expecting trouble...

Taft veto-threat kills first attempt to close Media Access Loophole

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that House Representative Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican, has tabled a proposal to alter House Bill 9, the "open records bill", to protect the privacy of Ohioans licensed to carry concealed handguns from an abusive media. And his reasoning will be all-too familiar to Ohio gun owners: From the story: "Well, I think the governor would veto the entire...

Cincinnati CityBeat cover story: ''Armed and Next To Us''

The last time we heard from Cincinnati CityBeat on the issue of concealed carry reform, it was in a race-baiting, anti-gun article by columnist Kathy F. Wilson, written just days after the first open carry Defense Walk in Cincinnati in 2003. That article accompanied another inflammatory review of the history-making Defense Walk, in which author Gregory Flannery referred to walk participants as a...

Dayton-area man contests sheriff's refusal to issue permit

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that a New Carlisle man is challenging Miami Co. sheriff Charles A. Cox's denial of a concealed handgun license in the Ohio 2nd District Court of Appeals Tuesday. The DDN reports the challenge appears to be the first to reach an appeals court in the region since licenses first were issued in April 2004. From the story: William R. Harris, who has worked at Wright...

Man with two guns arrested in ''no-guns'' Ohio U. library

Columbus' NBC4i.com is reporting that Ryan Salim was arrested at Alden Library on the Ohio University campus at about 9 p.m. Tuesday, and that police discovered two loaded handguns concealed on his person. Police were pursuing Salim after receiving reports that he had earlier kidnapped his roommate and took him on a 24-hour drive across the state. According to reports, Salim, 25, was taken into...


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