LTE: ''Dangerous signs''

April 8, 2005 The (Martins Ferry) Times Leader Dear Editor, I am writing with hopes of educating local Ohio business owners and their management on the signs we all see posted on the front doors of some establishments stating "No Guns Allowed". Posting a sign banning guns on their property is pointless if the reason for posting the sign is preventing a gun crime. Do these business owners and...

AP: State Legislators Weigh in on Gun Debate

April 9, 2005 With more than four out of five states allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons, that argument is finished. Now, the nation's long-running argument over guns turns on how much to loosen the rules - should guns be allowed in judge's chambers? Bars? In workplace parking lots? The work in state legislatures following the latest spate of fatal shootings shows how much...

Petro running-mate to apply for CHL

The Cincinnati Post is reporting that Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich, who has agreed to be a candidate for Lt. Governor on the ticket with Attorney General Jim Petro, recently completed 12 hours of gun training and says he will apply for an Ohio concealed handgun license. From the story: "I've always been a strong advocate for gun rights and I fought for the law that allows Ohioans to...

Woman carjacked at ''no-guns'' workplace

Toledo's 13 Action News (ABC) is reporting that an employee of Ohio-based Owens-Corning was getting something out of her trunk in the company parking lot in downtown Toledo Friday when a man with a gun hit her, took her keys and car. From the story: A woman was carjacked in broad day light at work. Police say it happened at the parking lot of Owens Corning around ten this morning in downtown...

State-mandated victim zones: College student gang-raped

She can vote. She can join the Armed Services in defense of her country. But in the eyes of Ohio law, she cannot be trusted to carry a firearm in defense of her dignity. Dayton's WDTN is reporting that a University of Dayton woman was kidnapped and repeatedly raped near the U.D. Campus, and police are still looking for the three men who attacked her. From the story: Police say the attackers...

Cincy: Concerns rise as rash of shootings continues

Cincinnati's is reporting that several shootings in the Tri-state in recent days have prompted community leaders to look for a way to stop the violence. In just the past two days police and paramedics have assisted at least five gunshot victims. And on Wednesday night police responded to two more shooting scenes -- one in Evanston on Blair Avenue and the other at the Fay Apartments. The...

Shot at KMart, victim files suit

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Patrick Daly, who was shot trying to help KMart shoppers escape a violent criminal named Paul Faith last August in Cincinnati, has filed suit against KMart Corp., two unidentified employees who he says recklessly chased Faith through the store, Faith's estate, Faith's unidentified mental health care provider and the unidentified gun shop where Faith...

LTE: Schools should employ gun-safety program

April 5, 2005 Columbus Dispatch I respond to the March 19 Dispatch editorial "Zero tolerance." I had to check the masthead to make sure I was reading The Dispatch. It was there in black and white: an editorial with a favorable reference to the National Rifle Association. The message quoted in the editorial was taken from the NRA’s Eddie Eagle firearms safety training program. Many schools,...


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