Utah: Concealed weapons permit class to be held on campus

Keep this story in mind as the trial of Case Western Reserve shooter Biswanath Halder gets under way in Cleveland. Keep this story in mind as you, or your son or daughter enters an Ohio campus victim zone today. The (Webster State University) Signpost is reporting that Students for the Second Amendment is offering a class at WSU for the Utah concealed carry weapon permit. Craig Ball from Impact...

Trooper Suspended After 911 Remark

FOXNews.com is reporting that a state trooper was suspended for 15 days without pay after he was recorded on a 911 tape saying "too bad" to a caller seeking help after a motorcycle accident involving Justin Sawyer, 21, who died of a severe head injury a week after the crash last August. Russell Shepard, a friend of Sawyer's, called 911, which was routed to the state police barracks in Montville...

Other states working to improve CCW laws

West Virginia: New Legislation Introduced H. B. 3109 (By Delegates Varner, Williams, Mahan, Beach, Craig, Boggs, Proudfoot, Perdue, Barker, Morgan and G. White) [Introduced March 21, 2005; referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.] A BILL to amend and reenact §61-7-6 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, relating to allowing a nonresident, licensed to carry concealed weapons in...

Two OH newsies buck media trend, call for close of Media Access Loophole

Lima News columnist Ronald Lederman Jr. and Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson aren’t likely to be very popular around their offices these days. That’s because both men have written columns condemning abuse of the Media Access Loophole, which allows anti-gun-rights journalists to obtain the name, age, and county of residence of concealed handgun license-holders. Click on the titles to...

Inmate flees ''no-guns'' hospital after ''nearly taking life'' of officer

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 From: OFCC Supporter Subject: Security... As most know, St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo is a "No Guns" hospital. I'm sure you also know that there have been three or four attacks in the parking garage in the recent months. To that effect, they have built more fences and posted more -unarmed- security guards in the parking lots for employee protection. St. V's...

AAA Ohio Motorist Association loses 20-year member

Submitted by: David P. After 20 years of being a member of AAA's Ohio Motorist Association, I will not be renewing my membership. When asked what their policy towards concealed carry was after seeing the “no-guns” sign on their doors, their answer was as follows: "We believe this is the safest policy for members and employees alike. Placing signs on our doors gives a level of comfort to our...


March 22, 2005 Philadelphia Daily News By Stu Bykofsky DEAR Mayor Street: You wondered aloud last week why Philadelphians feel a need to carry guns - legal guns, using a city-issued "carry permit." "For what?" you asked. "Why are they carrying? They're not hunters." No, Mr. Mayor, but some of us feel like the hunted. Following a single weekend that rang up 11 homicides you asked, "For what?" The...

Security in the courthouse? Cincy judges tell COPS to stay out too.

The Cincinnati Post is reporting that, while the rest of the country is examining how to beef up security in courthouses, several judges and the court administrator are reminding police they can't bring personal guns into the building. From the story: "I have concerns that police officers are bringing weapons into court on non-course-of-employment cases," Court Administrator Mike Walton said...


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