Dayton-area man contests sheriff's refusal to issue permit

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that a New Carlisle man is challenging Miami Co. sheriff Charles A. Cox's denial of a concealed handgun license in the Ohio 2nd District Court of Appeals Tuesday. The DDN reports the challenge appears to be the first to reach an appeals court in the region since licenses first were issued in April 2004. From the story: William R. Harris, who has worked at Wright...

Man with two guns arrested in ''no-guns'' Ohio U. library

Columbus' is reporting that Ryan Salim was arrested at Alden Library on the Ohio University campus at about 9 p.m. Tuesday, and that police discovered two loaded handguns concealed on his person. Police were pursuing Salim after receiving reports that he had earlier kidnapped his roommate and took him on a 24-hour drive across the state. According to reports, Salim, 25, was taken into...

Zogby poll shows overwhelming rejection of gun bans as terrorism solution

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) today released the results of a recent poll it commissioned, conducted by Zogby International, which shows overwhelming rejection by likely American voters of the notion that banning guns would be effective in the fight against terrorism. Asked whether they agreed or disagreed that banning guns would reduce the threat from terrorists, respondents to the poll...

LTE: Twisting facts and data to shore up anti-gun bias

April 6, 2005 Cleveland Plain Dealer Karen Tucker's March 30 letter "Fewer guns in fewer hands - not the opposite" was so void of the truth that I had to respond. Tucker complains about Plain Dealer columnist Phillip Morris wanting felons to own guns. Apparently, she did not read his whole article (March 22). Morris was referring to nonviolent offenders who have since been law-abiding. Tucker's...

Plain Dealer columnist wins Pulitzer for, in part, commentary bashing OhioCCW

by Chad D. Baus Editor & Publisher is reporting that ultra-liberal Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Connie Schultz has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for commentary that, among other things, bashed Ohio CHL-holders in 2004 as "Dirty Harry wannabe's". Schultz, who has been accused by some Cleveland newspapers of being a mouthpiece for her husband, U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, an anti-gun Democrat...

Defenseless Ohioans continue to be victimized in their cars

Before reading the latest accounts of drivers being victimized in their cars, consider again the words of Ohio State Highway Patrol Capt. John Born, during the lobbying phase of Ohio's concealed carry law.: Reality Check for the Ohio Highway Patrol: Don't Get ''Borned'' In a Columbus Dispatch article about the expected progress of Ohio House Bill 12, Ohio Highway Patrol Capt. John Born reiterated...

Commentary: Disarming the populace is no way to protect against mass shootings

The fallout from the most recent "no-guns" zone massacre at Red Lake High in Minnesota continues to reverberate. On April 2, the New Hampshire Union Leader featured guest commentary from Gun Week magazine's Dave Workman: Seven dead at a church service in Wisconsin. Three dead in an Atlanta courthouse shooting, plus one more killed later by the same man. Ten dead, including the shooter, at or near...

CCW makes progress in other U.S. states

There is much good news from across the nation when it comes to proactive attempts to improve laws for law-abiding citizens. Click on the "Read More..." link below for some of the past weeks' highlights. In Florida, from the Tallahassee Democrat : A man's home is his castle. And, if the Florida Legislature has its way, the sidewalk or the grocery store could be his castle, too, if he shoots...


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