Philly Inquirer Op-Ed: Right-to-carry law is the way to go

March 29, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer By John R. Lott Jr. While murder rates have been falling or have been flat for years in the rest of the country, Philadelphia's rate has been rising. Last year's murder rate was the highest since 1993, and Philadelphia replaced Chicago, the perennial leader, as the top 10 largest city with the highest murder rate. With 85 murders in the first 88 days of 2005,...

Ohioans For Concealed Carry Issues 2005 Ohio Concealed Handgun License Report

For Immediate Release March 29, 2005 OhioCCW is a success! CLEVELAND - Ohio's Concealed Handgun License program is one of the most successful consumer protection programs in state history, according to a first-ever report released today by Ohioans For Concealed Carry, the state's largest grassroots organization focused solely on protecting and improving Ohioans' right to bear arms for self-...

Anti-self-defense GOP candidate picks up dubious endorsement is reporting that Ohio gubernatorial-hopeful Betty Montgomery, who opposes Ohioans' right to bear arms for self-defense, has picked up an endorsement from another person with a checkered past when it comes to concealed carry issues. According to the report, Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis has given his support to Ohio Auditor of State Betty Montgomery. Additionally, Leis...

Man plans to test gun ban in Toledo parks

The Toledo Blade is reporting * that a Toledo-area man is planning to test the city's ban on firearms in parks by hosting a gathering at Toledo's Ottawa Park to celebrate the first anniversary party of Ohio's concealed-carry law at noon April 9, while carrying his 45-caliber semi-automatic handgun in violation of the city's ban on guns in its parks. From the story: April 8 marks the first...

LTE: Gun-safety program should be mandatory

March 29, 2005 Columbus Dispatch It’s only a matter of time before we hear anti-gun pundits thumping their chests over the second-grader who found a handgun and brought it to school. Instead of answers to the problem, they’ll use this incident to further their agenda to ban more guns, as if that is prevention. What we need is statewide prevention through mandatory education. We will never be able...

Op-Ed: Gun laws won't protect you from someone bent on violence

March 26, 2005 Salt Lake Tribune By W. Clark Aposhian We at Utah Self-Defense Instructors' Network (US-DIN) are deeply saddened at the senseless loss of life that occurred last week at Red Lake High School in Minnesota. This situation, like other recent mass shootings, is frustrating to us in that we believe they are largely preventable. This is yet another shooting in another place ignorantly...

Gun grabbers call: take guns out of homes (presumably even cops')

In the vain hope that the political climate of the 2000’s will mirror that of the Clinton 90’s, the gun ban lobby wasted no time in attempting to capitalize on the Red Lake High School shootings, despite the obvious fact that the fallacies of gun control were on display that cold Minnesota Monday. Following is a shameful press release issued by Ohio’s own gun ban extremist Toby Hoover, who fronts...

Protest letters continue to flood Ashland Times-Gazette – will they be printed?

The editor of the Ashland Times-Gazette, who recently announced that he has taken the privacy of 400 or more concealed handgun license (CHL)-holders hostage, and will release the information unless the Ohio General Assembly bends to his will, is certainly hearing from his readers. Many of them have copied OFCC when the letters were sent, and many say they have received NO replies. The question...


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