Victim zone double-whammy: Disarmed CHL-holder endures robbery & assault

-----Original Message----- From: [Name withheld] Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 To: OFCC I was robbed today because of one of the biggest [criminal protection zones] of them all - the Ohio State University. I was at the corner of 4th and Maynard in Columbus after being dropped off by the OSU bus system CABS. It's normally a 10-15 minute wait before the #4 COTA bus comes by and takes me to my...

Thieves steal $18,000 cash from OH Supreme Court justice's car

The Associated Press is reporting today that a total of $18,000 in cash was stolen last week from the state car assigned to Ohio Supreme Court Justice Terrence O’Donnell, prompting immediate questions from the Columbus Dispatch and others: Why did a Supreme Court justice have $18,000 sitting in his (state-owned) car? By all accounts to this point, no one can answer the question, and the justice...

Owner of ''no-guns'' Dayton business angry about downtown violence

Dayton's WHIO-TV (NewsCenter 7) is reporting that a prominent downtown businessman wants the city to take action immediately when it comes to all of the downtown problems that have occurred recently. Acccording to the report, Sandy Mendelson appeared at the city commission meeting Wednesday morning to talk about his concerns. He said he is concerned about the recent rash of violence and said he...

Victim of recently-paroled rapist says she'll CCW

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, while reporting on the pending release of a man who spent 25 years in jail for a rape he says he didn't commit, quoted the man's victim as saying she'll carry a concealed firearm in case of a future attack. The newspaper reports the nightmare began in 1979 when Kim Croft told police that he slashed her face, raped her, strangled her, stabbed her multiple times and left...

State-mandated victim zone: ''No-guns'' Columbus bar, defenseless patrons robbed

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that two armed men took over a North Side bar shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, robbing the bar and its patrons before fleeing. Columbus police told the Dispatch the two masked gunmen, walked into the Sunrise bar, 967 E. Hudson St., at 12:45 a.m., emptied the cash register and demanded that the patrons hand over their wallets, cash, cell phones and...

Dayton police release transcript of officer's call to dispatcher

WHIO-TV is is reporting that a Dayton police officer who shot his wife last week will not be charged, at least not yet. From the story: On Saturday, officers handcuffed Officer Michael Blake and took him into custody for questioning after he called a police dispatch number and said he had shot his wife. According to the call that Blake made, he shot his wife in self-defense. On Monday,...

LTE: At least editor was honest when he admitted his liberal anti-gun bias

The following letter was submitted in response to an editorial criticizing gun-rights advocate Reginald Jones, who delivered an address to Ohio University students in Athens that explained how gun control laws were founded in racism. February 17, 2005 Athens News Mr. Smith, in response to your editorial last Thursday about the "goober who spoke at OU," I just have a few things to say. In the...


Cincinnati: Man is indicted in slash, rob case Teodora Meza couldn't understand why Pedro Lopez kept entering and leaving her Mexican store in Norwood that sells food and clothing. Suspicious, Meza asked Lopez what he wanted. He responded he was waiting for his brother. Soon after, though, Meza told police, Lopez pulled out a 14-inch butcher knife, robbed her and slashed her. When her 10-year-old...


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