OFCC joins OCAGV in ''Changing the Culture of Fear'' push

In the wake of yet another mass shooting in a place where guns were banned (a UAW official told the Toledo Blade today even the security guards are disarmed at the Toledo Jeep plant!), and on the heels of a growing number of victimizations that prove gun control laws are impotent at stopping criminals, gun ban extremist Toby Hoover felt the need to make a statement. Hoover, who fronts what often...

TX media asks: ''Could Self Defense Have Saved A Texas Woman From Capture?

In the wake of the kidnapping (and eventual murder) of a Walmart employee as she walked to her car, one Texas television station is pondering how things might have been different if the victim were capable of defending herself. Strangely, however, even in Texas, the media just can't bring itself to mention the one self-defense option that might really have made a difference. From the story:...

Carjacked on drive home from work; Hostage taken on 100mph run from cops

NewsNet5.com is reporting that a man was coming home from work at about 2 a.m. when two men approached with guns drawn. Police told NewsNet5 the men told the alleged victim, Jeremy Schumacher, that they wanted to go shopping. The men checked Jeremy's wallet, found his girlfriend's credit cards and forced her to come outside. The media outlet states the men allegedly took the woman, later...

Fifth Third Victim Zone: Female Bank Robber Captured

WHIOtv.com is reporting that police officials apprehended a Cathy Sams, 39, minutes after she had robbed the "no-guns" Fifth-Third Bank on Union Road in Englewood. The FBI announced this week it is pressing federal charges against the suspected bank robber on Tuesday. Investigators told WHIO a witness helped authorities find Sams. Peter Gilbert said he saw the car and watched the dye pack go off...

Workplace gun prohibitions = promises not kept

By Chad D. Baus When companies prohibit employees who have concealed handgun licenses from bringing their protection on company property, they explain by way of making a lot of promises. They say without the prohibition, there is a risk of misuse, poor judgment or accident by license-holders. They say the prohibition will make a safer work environment. They say the prohibition makes the company "...

''No-guns'' Prime Outlets Mall circulates composite of Retail Rapist

Ohioans For Concealed Carry first notified supporters about Prime Outlets Mall's discriminatory signs on May 3. The Jeffersonville mall holds a dubious distinction on the Do Not Patronize While Armed list, as the only retailer which has had employees victimized by the Tri-State "Retail Rapist" . Soon after employees at the Jeffersonville store were targeted by the Retail Rapist, mall management...

Predictable coverage of Ohio mass shooting by Akron newspaper

It really shouldn't surprise us anymore, but the Akron Beacon Journal has done its duty for their friends in the gun ban lobby once again. A story by BJ reporter Stephen Dyer, entitled Portage killings spark debate , gives the Brady bunch/ Million Mom crowd a platform to assert that the expiration of the Clinton Gun Ban is somehow to blame for a tragedy involving a convicted felon with an...

WRONG: Ohio Watercraft officers say ''No CCW'' on Boats

Thanks to the attention of an astute supporter, Ohioans For Concealed Carry has learned that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Watercraft has been incompletely/ incorrectly informing its officers and the general public about how the state's concealed carry law, passed a year ago, affected the practice of bearing arms on watercraft. OFCC can also report that we have made some...


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