Police seeking leads in gun theft, burglary

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that police are seeking tips in finding whoever was involved in burglarizing a Chamberlain Road home and stealing firearms last week. A police investigator told the newspaper that eight rifles and shotguns and one handgun were stolen from the home between 7:30 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. Friday. According to the paper, the owner told police his garage door was open...

Crime in City of Mansfield down in 2004

The Mansfield News Journal is reporting that according to 2004 statistics, overall crime was down 2.1 percent in the city of Mansfield. "We attribute that to a lot more people getting more involved in their own neighborhood," said Mansfield police Chief Phil Messer. While Messer was specifically referring to new neighborhood watch programs, it should also be noted that in the first 180 days of...

2nd Amendment among Betty’s website ''keywords'', but content nonexistent

By Chad D. Baus As gubernatorial-hopefuls jostle for position in preparation for what could be a bruising 2006 primary season in both parties, pro-gun Ohioans have begun to take note of who among the candidates have a record of true support for self-defense rights, and which of them may be more likely only to pay lip-service to support for the Second Amendment, as a means of getting votes. As the...

Another reason to join Ohioans For Concealed Carry

Aside from the knowledge that holding membership in Ohioans For Concealed Carry is supporting efforts to improve and defend Ohio's self-defense law, OFCC's quarterly newsletter has become incentive enough to ensure members' renewals are turned in on time. Newsletter Editor Dan White fills each issue with original content on a wide assortment of topics related to OhioCCW, from a wide variety of...

Ridiculous “plain sight” law; “no-guns” sign puts stolen gun on the street

Mon Feb 14 06:25:07 2005 From: Mike Subject: Stolen Gun Hello- I had a gun (and some other stuff) stolen out of my car Wednesday at the “no-guns” Alladin Shrine Temple in Columbus. There was even a cop on scene that saw the guy and gave chase, but lost him. The cop said there had been a few smash and grabs there lately. In addition to my gun, this dirtbag has my home address and my appointment...

OFCC/TDI Fun 'n Gun update

The OFCC/TDI Fun 'n Gun fundraiser is almost sold out! We have approximately 15 seats left. So, if you've been procrastinating, don't wait much longer! Remember, it is only a $100 donation for a full day of fun and shooting with OFCC staff. This is a members-only event, but when registering, non-OFCC-members can join at the same time as they sign up for only $15 more! Click the Fun 'N Gun logo...

Police chief leaves firearm in library; punished only after media broadcast

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Reynoldsburg Police Chief Jeanne Miller has been suspended for a week without pay, the penalty she recommended herself for leaving her purse - with a loaded 9 mm pistol inside - at the Reynoldsburg branch of the Columbus Metropolitan library six weeks ago. From the Dispatch story: Mayor Robert McPherson meted out the discipline after an investigation by...

Ohio CHL-holder to dealership: ''No guns, no Toyota''

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 21:48:03 -0500 From: Harry Bryan Subject: New SUV I recently went to Toyota Direct, on Morse Road in Columbus, to make a deal on a new SUV. I had been in an accident [with my current vehicle] and I don't feel comfortable in it anymore. It took 2 trips to firm up the figures and get a trade-in appraisal. Every time I went there the salesmen "vultures" were at the front door...


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