The 10 Most-Read Articles in 2011

Have you ever noticed the red number that appears at the end of every page on this website? That number shows how many "reads" the article has, a fairly accurate reflection of the article's popularity.

As we say goodbye to 2011, we can't help but reflect on what news stories most interested people, what topics most angered or inspired our readers.

Here are the 10 most-read stories on this website over the past year:

10. What to do if you are involved in a shooting - At number ten with over 10,000 reads, Ken Hanson's clear advice to gun owners boils down to this: If you're involved in a shooting, keep your mouth shut.

9. Presidential-hopeful Rick Perry's Gun Control Policy: 'Use Both Hands' - Republican candidates for 2012 aren't saying much about guns. However, this video story shows how one candidate feels about the issue, pulling in over 10,500 reads.

8. SB17 (Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix) and HB54 (Restoration of Rights) – Just what do they do? - Recent changes to concealed carry laws caused some confusion, but BFA Chairman Jim Irvine and Legal Chair Ken Hanson provided answers to some of the most common questions. This article generated nearly 11,000 reads.

7. Governor Kasich signs Ohio's Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix & Restoration of Rights bills into law - Governor John Kasich entered office with a less-than-perfect record on gun rights, but eased doubts by signing the year's most significant pro-gun bill. This article attracted over 11,000 reads.

6. Ohio firearms and concealed carry laws change Friday, September 30 - What do these improvements mean for you? - With over 13,000 reads, this article is yet more proof of the importance of legal changes enacted this year for concealed handgun license holders.

5. Canton police officer under investigation after concealed carry arrest - Coming in at number 5 with over 27,000 reads, this may be the year's most shocking story, a story that continues to unfold.

4. Senate Bill SB-2099 e-mails are a hoax - This is an oldie but goodie published in 2009 when a hoax email spread fear and confusion throughout the country, claiming that a law would require you to list all guns on your IRS income tax return. It's still pulling in readers with over 46,000 reads in 2011.

3. Diane Sawyer rigs mass shooting experiment on 20/20 - Here's another popular article, with over 57,000 reads, also from 2009, that uncovers the sleight of hand and dishonest reporting from one of America's most watched news programs.

2. Georgia college student saves 10 lives with gun; Ohio's defenseless students targeted by criminals - With over 59,000 reads, here's yet another story from 2009 that came in at number two on our list. It describes how an armed college student saved lives.

1. An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power - There's no doubt which article is number one, with a whopping 100,000 reads. With detailed research and common sense, Greg Ellifritz makes a valiant attempt to put to rest the debate about which handgun caliber is best.

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