2005: A Year in Review

By Jim Irvine, Chairman

As 2005 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the past year.

In March we held a great fund raising event at Tactical Defense Institute (TDI). In addition to raising a substantial sum of money, we also had a lot of fun. It’s always enjoyable to meet the people that support us, and put a face with a name. John Benner and Randy Bueche and their teams of instructors were a great help in planning and executing the event. We simply could not have been successful without their involvement.

In July, we changed our name from “Ohioans For Concealed Carry PAC” to “Buckeye Firearms Association.” In doing so, we became a stand-alone PAC, and broadened our scope to include all firearms-related issues.

While such change is always challenging, the rewards are already proving that we are on the right course.

We have contacted every member of the Ohio Legislature and our numerous meetings from the campaign trail to the legislative offices have gone well.

Our reciprocity cards have been well received, with 20,000 being distributed. If you know anyone who needs one, they should ask their local gun stores. We will gladly ship more to any store or club who will help us distribute them.

We provide a weekly News Letter via email that continues to grow in popularity.

We have a web links section to help you find other good groups.

We are collecting information on volunteers and have begun the work of comparing our list of volunteers against what we expect to need as we proceed into a full election year.

We are off to a good start, and there is more!

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November Elections:
While we had some disappointments, like failing to re-elect staunch supporter Paul Blevins to Elyria city council, or put one person who believes your right to defend your life on the Columbus City Council, we had more victories than defeats. In South-West Ohio, a team of new volunteers helped 8 of 10 Buckeye endorsed candidates win election.

Last week Buckeye Firearms reported to the Secretary of State that we have almost $10,000 cash on hand. THANK YOU to everyone who donated either time or money to our cause. For the year we have collected over $17,000, exceeding our donations for years 2002, 03, and 04 combined.

HB347 (CCW fix-it and general firearms improvements) was introduced in the house and has had one hearing. HB296 (apprentice hunter) passed the house and has been sent to the Senate. HB367 (protect sportsmen’s dollars) has passed the Senate 32-0 and is headed to Governor Taft for his signature. While we would all like to have accomplished more, the groundwork has been laid for a successful 2006.

Looking Ahead:
We recently conducted a meeting to plan the direction of Buckeye for 2006. Our primary goals are to influence elections in our favor, and assist the legislature in passing good firearms laws. You will be hearing about many new projects in the months to come, and they all revolve around improving our legislature and laws. We will need your help in finding more willing volunteers to help us, but for this week please enjoy a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, or Holiday season, with your family and friends.

Thank you for your part in making 2005 a great year for Buckeye Firearms Association.

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