2nd Amendment among Betty’s website ''keywords'', but content nonexistent

By Chad D. Baus

As gubernatorial-hopefuls jostle for position in preparation for what could be a bruising 2006 primary season in both parties, pro-gun Ohioans have begun to take note of who among the candidates have a record of true support for self-defense rights, and which of them may be more likely only to pay lip-service to support for the Second Amendment, as a means of getting votes.

As the PAC has reported recently (here and here), State Auditor Betty Montgomery opposed the restoration of Ohioans’ constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense, and continues to express a fear of CHL-holders that she sources to the time she spent as a lawyer, witnessing the "dastardly" crimes committed against law enforcement by people with guns. In two recent appearances, Montgomery has stated "I don't want to live in a society where everyone carries a gun."

So imagine our surprise when we discovered that in effort to promote the website in search engine hits, keywords programmed on www.bettymontgomery.com, which is operated by the Montgomery Campaign Committee, include "Second Amendment", "2nd Amendment" and "tough on crime".

And imagine our confusion when we could find NOTHING on her website referring to the Second Amendment, nor any reference to Montgomery’s opposition to concealed carry laws, which have proven to reduce crime in every state they've been tried.

Her website bio claims that "Betty Montgomery's entire career has focused on protecting Ohio's most vulnerable citizens", which are later classified as "senior citizens, youth, and crime victims". The truth is, Betty Montgomery continues to oppose the very law which levels the playing field for "Ohio's most vulnerable citizens", giving them the opportunity to defend themselves when attacked. How much protection can she really be given credit for providing them when she continues to oppose their right to self-defense?

And if you think the phrase "protecting Ohio's most vulnerable citizens" sounds familiar, consider this: In his 2003 State of the State speech, Bob Taft, who also opposed concealed carry reform, stated that "we'll continue to protect our most vulnerable populations..."

Other keywords on Betty Montgomery’s website include "anti-tax, tax cuts, tax cutter". Since Montgomery is on record as having supported the largest tax increase in Ohio (Taft's 20% sales take hike in 2003, which voters had rejected back in 1998), some may also question another keyword that has made the list:


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