AAA Ohio Motorists Association: ''We exist for our members''… Buh-bye.

When OFCC's Rick Kaleda notified the AAA Ohio Motorists Association of his intent to cancel his membership because of AAA's posting of discriminatory"no-guns" signs, he had in the back of his mind a statement from their website:

    "We exist for our members and will judge everything we do by how well it serves their needs. AAA services, programs and products will meet the highest standards of quality and will be continually reviewed to ensure maximum member benefit. AAA services and products will be tested, proved practical and reliable and offered only to add value to membership."

Judging by the below email, Rick is the only one keeping this statement in mind.

    From: "Newbacher, Brian"
    To: Rick Kaleda
    Subject: RE: Won't be renewing my membership
    Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005

    Mr. Kaleda,

    We are disappointed to hear of your decision but wanted to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. As a result, we will be sure to honor your request by not attempting to renew your membership at the expiration of your current membership year. Thank you.

    Brian Newbacher
    Director of Public Affairs
    AAA East Central
    [email protected]

It is interesting to note that, as far as OFCC has been able to determine, Ohio is the only AAA in the country that has adopted this discriminatory policy. According to one OFCC Steering Committee member, who also cancelled his membership in Ohio recently, the national AAA has refused to get involved, even though they have not had a single problem in any AAA allowing CCW anywhere in the country.

We doubt Mr. Newbacher can address why we Ohioans are so dangerous with guns compared to the rest of the country. Or maybe he considers the all other AAA offices too dangerous.

Before one believes that Mr. Newbacher is "protecting" customers and employees, click to view the extensive list of crimes committed at "no-guns" businesses. Is advertising that customers and employees inside your business are defenseless really such a "safe" idea?

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