ACTION ALERT for HB 228: You are needed at the Statehouse Tuesday!

Bloomberg groups and Moms Demand Action are trying to kill House Bill 228 - We need YOU to show up and tell House members you support this bill!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
3:00 PM

Columbus Statehouse
1 Capital Square
Room 115

Testimony on Sub HB 228

Since the Parkland massacre, the Michael Bloomberg groups have been motivated and organized. They are trying to give the false impression that they outnumber hard working, law-abiding gun owners.

They are showing up at hearings with more people for banning guns than we do for fixing concealed carry and firearms laws. We need to change that. Please show up in person and/or submit written testimony in support of Sub HB 228.

You do not need to do anything in advance to come to the hearing, but those wishing to testify should submit (email) notice and written testimony to:

[email protected]

Testimony should be short and focus on a couple points important to you that are in the bill, such as:

  • Shifting the burden of proof in self-defense cases to the state instead of the crime victim.
  • Removing the "duty to retreat" from things a crime victim must do before defending their life from a deadly attack.
  • Aligning Ohio law with Federal law / BATFE on the definition of a shotgun.
  • Adding language to punish people who illegally buy a gun for a prohibited person (straw purchase).
  • Reducing the penalty for "failure to notify" police during an official stop.
  • Eliminating the requirement to post "no guns" signs in locations that allow firearms.

We know we outnumber the gun control groups. There are 4 million gun owners in Ohio. But our opponents are working hard to advance their "gun control" agenda. We must likewise show up and be counted if we expect to advance our pro-gun, self-defense, pro-freedom agenda.

Please show up to show your support for this vital legislation!

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